User Generated Content (UGC) plays a pivotal role in the sale of products and services. From awareness, to researching and purchasing validation, its influence can make a huge impact on your marketing and sales targets.

If you’re still skeptical of how UGC can fit into your retail brand’s marketing, these no-nonsense statistics will soon put you straight and have you singing its praises.


1. Adverts using UGC get 4x higher click-through rates and a 50% drop in cost-per-click than those that don’t (Source).

2. User Generated videos on YouTube get 10x more views than Brand Generated videos (Source).

3. When UGC and Brand Generated Content (BGC) are combined in campaigns, brand engagement increases an average of 28% (Source).

4. Millennial consumers have said that they find UGC 35% more memorable than other forms of media (Source).


5. 39% of consumers use social networks to find inspiration for purchases (Source).

6. 71% of consumers feel more comfortable purchasing a product/service after researching UGC (Source).

7. 82% of consumers believe that UGC is extremely important when deciding on purchases (Source).

8. 64% of consumers actively seek out UGC to help them find the right product (Source).

Purchase Validation/Conversion

9. 70% of consumers consider product and brand recommendations from their social circles trustworthy (Source).

10. Live consumer reviews on websites can increase conversions by 74% (Source).

11. Using UGC in your campaigns can result in 29% higher web conversions compared to those that don’t use UGC (Source)

12. 41% of consumers only need to see between 1 and 4 pieces of UGC to be influenced to purchase (Source).

UGC Usage

13. Despite all those amazing statistics, only 9% of the top 250 consumer brands place UGC directly on their product/services pages (Source).

14. Be mindful when devising campaigns that 75% of consumers expect a consistent brand experience (Source), so look at incorporating UGC across your website, social media and stores.  

15. 25% of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to UGC (Source).

16. 87% of brands are using UGC (Source). Are you one of them?

17. With so much UGC available in the public domain and increasing amounts of BGC being created, it’s surprising to see that only 27% of marketers have been able to devise a system for aggregating, organising and managing it all (Source).

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