AI has been a hot topic in marketing for a while, and it will continue to be. As such, many rumours such as ‘marketers will lose their jobs’ have been flung around. But really, that’s not what AI in marketing is about.

If you’re still uncertain as to where AI fits into marketing, take a look at these uplifting stats…

How AI Can Transform Marketing Activities

1. 72% of business leaders believe AI is going to be a fundamental “business advantage.” in the future (source).

2. 59% of global marketers believe AI will help increase productivity (source).

3. 78% business execs see huge potential for AI to alleviate repetitive, menial tasks (source).

4. 62% of marketers believe AI will increase productivity, increase efficiency (60%) and generate new ideas and opportunities (49%) (source).

How AI Can Transform Campaigns

5. 85% believe that AI is going to make a significant impact on their marketing activity over the next five years (source).

6. When it comes to creativity, 63% of marketers are confident it will not become automated by AI. (source)

7. 63% of business execs believe AI can offer a superior one-to-one personalized experience (source).

8. 61% of global marketers see AI helping them achieve “hyper-personalisation” of content and dynamic landing pages (source).

9. 53% of UK marketers say that AI is essential in helping them to create 1-to-1 marketing across every touchpoint (source).

10. 61% of those who have an innovation strategy say they are using AI to identify opportunities in data that would otherwise be missed (source).

Are you one of the 28% of marketers that are either piloting or planning to use AI within the next two years (source)? Then talk to us today to find out how our AI powered platform can intelligently connect content and deliver engaging brand narratives.

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