This week sees the start of the 67th International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Organised by the IAA and attracting over 1 million visitors and 1,100 exhibitors from 29 countries, it’s Germany’s most important automotive event. Focusing on megatrends such as connected and automated driving, electric mobility and concepts of tomorrow it’s a fantastic opportunity for brands to unveil new models, innovations, technologies and designs.

All the big brands will be out in full force, competing for the limelight. Attracting and enthralling consumers, professionals and the press at motor shows can be a huge challenge. Automotive marketers spend months divising strategies to stand out and spread their messages amongst the thousands of attendees.

But not Toyota.

Toyota Knows How To Stand Out At Motor Shows

Toyota’s marketing and events teams have arranged hundreds of motor show exhibitions and learnt that the best way to create buzz is to bring together all the amazing comments, images, opinions and videos from their internal teams, fans and attendees, then showcase them prominently both at the event and online.

A rich mix of informative, authentic, aesthetically pleasing and interactive content, (both User Generated Content and Brand Generated Content), creates a showstopper like no other. And by bringing it online, Toyota makes sure that no one misses out.

Frankfurt Motor Show
Toyota’s online social hub from the Paris Motor Show 2017

Working With StoryStream

Toyota doesn’t work alone to make exciting exhibits. They regularly work with StoryStream and our team of content experts to deliver impressive displays wherever they go, and the Frankfurt Motor Show is no exception.

This will be the 9th motor show that Toyota Motor Europe has partnered with StoryStream on to power engagement and reach automotive consumers around the world.

Taking centre stage at their striking stand is a huge landscape StoryStream LiveScreenTM, telling the story of the motor show, illustrated by the most flattering and attention-grabbing User Generated Content (UGC) being created around Toyota. Backed up by promotional panels and videos, the huge wall of colour and movement is going to be hard to miss and certainly impossible to ignore.

Frankfurt Motorshow
Toyota rocking StoryStream’s LiveScreensTM at the Paris Motor Show 2017

For added oomph, smaller portrait LiveScreensTM will be placed on help desks dotted around their stand, displaying the same content.

With a lot of motor fans unable to attend the show, Toyota have covered every eventuality by creating an online virtual experience. Integrating StoryStream’s SocialHubTM into their Europe website and 5 market websites (including GB and France), they will bring all the news and sights from Frankfurt straight to their worldwide audience online.

Now It’s Your Turn

As technology evolves and car design hits astronomical heights, auto shows are only going to get edgier and more elaborate. From experience, there are two key elements to having a successful motor show exhibit;

  1. Being visible and loud (figuratively speaking)
  2. Making your audience a part of your venture

Here at StoryStream, we know how to do exactly that. With many cumulative years of automotive exhibition experience working with automotive brands at Goodwood Festival of Speed, Daytona and the Geneva Motor Show to name a few, we are fully equipped to take your event marketing to new heights.

If you don’t believe us, just ask Toyota.

StoryStream offers us a great way to capitalise on social advocacy by integrating the consumer’s voice as part of our motor show communication.” – Manager of Social Business, Toyota Motor Europe

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