Social Tribes
by StoryStream

Find hidden audience insights within visual content using
AI and unlock untapped revenue opportunities.

In the time it has taken you to read this sentence
there has been 10,000 posts uploaded to Instagram.

Imagine being able to tap into the visual pulse of
the world and ‘see’through your customer’s eyes

What are Social Tribes?

Social Tribes uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence to analyse social media imagery to find hidden tribes in your audience.

This revolutionary new approach to audience segmentation helps you to create more targeted, optimised and engaging advertising that will convert more customers.

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Hidden Context Within Content

StoryStream’s AI can analyse billions of data points in text, imagery and video to extract hidden insight and build a ‘context graph’ around huge volumes of content

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Scaling Across Social

Scale StoryStream’s analytical ability to millions of social posts based on themes, brands, products and competitor content.

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Identify New Tribes

Patent pending segmentation algorithm surfaces hidden segments and patterns within your audience and creates demographic and interest profiles.

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Find Lookalike Content

Source lookalike and matching earned (UGC) and owned (brand) content to best engage and convert your identified tribes.

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Lookalike Acquisition and Conversion

By finding lookalike Tribes across social platforms we can then advertise the right content to each, drive increased traffic and improve conversions across your core owned channels.

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3 Pillars
3 Pillars