UGC at Scale
by StoryStream

UGC at Scale uses AI to put high quality, relevant social content at the heart of your brand
marketing helping you to engage and convert more customers.

Customer’s crave social content to help inform what they buy.
It’s 92% more trusted than traditional brand media.


Mission control for your content. Source relevant earned and owed content at scale without putting any burden on your resources.

  • Advanced proprietary visual recognition
  • Automatic tagging and sorting of content
  • AI powered content workflow management
  • Full Rights management

Reduce content creation costs by up to 60%

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Align the use of targeted, social content relevant to each stage of your customers’ buying journey across key marketing channels including:

  • Websites - up to 25% increase in page conversion
  • Email - up to 2.5x higher engagement
  • Social ads - up to 37% lower CPA on Facebook ads
  • Digital screens - up to 3.5x increase in views

Boost marketing performance and ROI

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Influence buying behaviour at each channel touch point to move customers along a purchase journey to increase conversions. Make every social content item shoppable and drive action

  • Make content actionable
  • Add any CTA to match your buyer journey
  • Detailed performance analytics measures ROI

Increase revenue by growing page conversions by up to 25%

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Measure performance and optimise content using realtime analytics. Understand what content and themes drive conversions to help optimise how you publish.

  • Real-time engagement metrics
  • Directly measure ROI
  • Link to Google Analytics

Understand content trends and optimise in real-time

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UGC at Scale Showcase

See how UGC at Scale can bring your brand marketing to life
and transform engagement and conversions.

Customer Stories

“StoryStream platform helps us connect and reach out to new audiences across our channels and is helping enrich our web presence with live content globally."

Digital and Dialogue
Marketing Manager

"It's imperative to us that any external business we work with can engage with our target audience and keep up with a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. StoryStream offer us an innovative content platform that is bespoke to our needs and goals, as well as a team who are as passionate about our brand as we are."

Stephanie Mitchell
Content Manager

“StoryStream offers us a great way to capitalise on social advocacy by integrating the consumer’s voice as part of our motor show communication.”

Manager of Social Business
Toyota Motor Europe