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On the 8th November Alex Vaidya, StoryStream’s CEO & Co-Founder, joined several other content marketing experts and the Content Marketing Association to discuss how marketers can make their content stand out. Alex’s (and StoryStream’s) answer to this question is; harness the power of AI to transform the efficiency and performance of content.

Alex began by explaining how StoryStream is an AI powered content marketing platform, and is an innovation in how people will work with content and data. Alex described AI as the latest evolution in tech to help humans communicate.
He then ran through how technology had helped people communicate in the past; from cave painting through to the mobile phone. He pointed out that we live in an age of information overload and that 90% of data has been created in last two years. “We have reached the content crunch, what do we do?” he asked.

Content Marketing

“Those who adopt new innovations first have competitive advantage,” stressed Alex. “We are awash with data but not using it –AI is the new era of human communication.” Alex added that AI will help humans process data and help us to make decisions about its conclusions.

Alex then highlighted four areas that brands can use AI in content marketing;

Visual Recognition

Looking at sets of images and then making predictions about future ones. A key area is visual search.


Natural language processing- understanding the context of text and language, for example chatbots. Alex added that this was an example of the way AI can give humans more capacity.

Decision Making

Making recommendations as to how people use the platform. For example, videos you like on Netflix.

Data Analytics

Looking at the data such as web traffic etc and spotting trends.

“Data is like oil. AI helps you find the good stuff,” argued Alex. “AI needs to be part of a brand’s marketing armoury. AI can’t do imagination – it frees up time, so we can focused on creative part – storytelling”.

Alex then ran through a use case of how brands can use AI to solve interesting problems – unlocking social data.

He explained that for humans alone this was a non-starter as, for example, it would take 11 years of work to analyse 110,000 pieces of content. Using AI it is possible to identify trends in the content quickly and easily.

To illustrate this Alex spoke of social tribes and of a certain type of owner of Mini cars. These are women between 20-25 who own Minis and take images of the car’s key with their manicured nails. AI image recognition can be used note and identify this tribe.

As Alex said “the audience create the tribe themselves, once you know the tribe, you know where they are and what content they engage with etc. You are able to build a sophisticated profile of your tribe. You can aggregate the content around the brand and then apply AI and tag it, and you can group content together.”

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