In a world of social media, selfies and sharing, the home has stopped being a private sanctuary, opening up to the public to inspire and start discussions. Because of the highly visual nature of interior design and home improvements, people are drawn to aesthetically beautiful homes, and turn to peers and creatives for inspiration.

And so home decor influencers have been born, usually starting off with a small blog and rapidly growing loyal followings. Home decor influencers success is mostly down to their ability to grow an interested and engaged community on social media. Pinterest in particular has proven to be a popular platform for influencers and followers alike. In fact, home decor is their third most posted and viewed category.

This presents a huge opportunity for DIY, home improvement, furniture and homeware brands that are looking for more effective ways to reach out to target customers. Customers are somewhat suspicious of what brands have to say about their own products, and so the practical advice and honest information provided by well known and respected influencers is much more powerful and, as their names suggests, influential.  

If you’re considering using influencers within your marketing strategy but don’t know where to start, don’t panic. We’ve taken Forbes’ list of the top home influencers and explored their credentials and social media followings to give you a better picture of who to work with.  

1. Kate Albrecht
Home decor influencer
Source: Instagram @mrkatedotcom

Kate started her website, Mr Kate, in 2011 and has evolved from a simple blogger into an award winning influencer. Mr. Kate is now a hot lifestyle movement website, showcasing high quality home, style and beauty content and partnering with major digital and traditional media players, forming brand and licensing deals with Fortune 500 companies, and signing a literary deal with Harper Collins publishing.




Expertise: DIY, the home, women’s beauty and fashion.  

Brands good for: DIY, home improvement, homeware and furniture brands.


  • Facebook – 40k followers and 41k likes
  • Twitter – 41k followers
  • Instagram – 309k followers
  • YouTube – 1.8m subscribers
  • Pinterest – 85k followers
2. Grace Bonney
Home decor influencer

Grace Bonney’s blog, Design*Sponge, kicked off in 2004 focusing on the creative community, with the goal of making the art and design world personal. Grace has previously worked as an editor for home and style magazines and she covers the people behind home improvements and their real life concerns as well as beautiful homes, objects and trends.



Expertise: Editorial planning, podcasting, DIY, interior design, food & drink, travel and life/business.  

Brands good for: DIY, home improvement, homeware and furniture brands. 


  • Website – 2m readers per month
  • Facebook – 323k followers and 333k likes
  • Twitter – 586k followers
  • Instagram – 918k followers
  • YouTube – 3.8k subscribers
  • Pinterest – 310k followers
3. Reichel Broussard
Home decor influencer
Source: Instagram @copycatchic

When Reichel bought her first home she scoured the internet for sales, closeouts and bargains in order to make her house into a home on the cheap. She started sharing the deals she found online and so her blog, Copy Cat Chic, was born!






Expertise: Eco-friendly lifestyle, affordable interior design, bargains and deals.

Brands good for: Affordable DIY, home improvement, homeware and furniture brands looking to target customers on a tight budget.


  • Facebook – 20k followers and likes
  • Twitter – 4.6k followers
  • Instagram – 53.7k followers
  • YouTube – 716 subscribers
  • Pinterest – 61k followers
4. Paloma Contreras
Home decor influencer

Paloma Contreras is an award-winning interior decorator and design blogger based in Houston, Texas. Her blog, La Dolce Vita, is a source for fabulous interior design stories, new decorating ideas, the latest in fashion and accessories, unique perspectives on entertaining, and travel features sure to inspire a case of wanderlust.





Expertise: Interior design and women’s fashion.

Brands good for: Homeware and furniture brands.


  • Facebook – 12k followers and 11.8k likes
  • Twitter – 18.9k followers
  • Instagram – 89.5k followers
  • Pinterest – 181k followers
5. Coco Cozy
Home decor influencer
Source: Instagram @cococozy

By day Coco is a television executive, but by night she an interior design blogger and home furnishings designer. Her blog, Cococozy, provides design and style inspiration with a personal and humorous approach.






Expertise: Textiles and home accessories.

Brands good for: Home improvement, homeware and furniture brands.


  • Facebook – 92k followers and 94k likes
  • Twitter – 33k  followers
  • Instagram – 66.6k followers
  • Pinterest – 25k followers
6. Bri Emery
Home decor influencer
Source: Instagram @designlovefest

Bri Emery is a creative director and the Los Angeles-based founder and editor of designlovefest, a lifestyle blog with an eye for design in style, DIY, food, travel, entertaining and more.






Expertise: DIY, food and entertaining.

Brands good for: Women’s fashion brands, boutique brands.


  • Facebook – 185k followers and 191k likes
  • Twitter – 56.6k followers
  • Instagram – 797k followers
  • YouTube – 2.2k subscribers
  • Pinterest – 431k followers
7. Jennifer Hadfield
Home decor influencer
Source: Instagram @tatertotsandjello

Jennifer started her blog, Tatertots & Jello, as a place to keep her creative ideas and projects. With the belief that anyone can be creative, Jennifer inspires others to start projects with her blogs and easy to follow tutorials.






Expertise: DIY tutorials, craft ideas, decor ideas and recipes.

Brands good for: Home improvement, homeware and furniture brand.


  • Facebook – 571k followers and 601k likes
  • Twitter – 20.1k followers
  • Instagram – 105k followers
  • Pinterest – 281k followers
8. Emily Henderson
Home decor influencer
Source: Instagram @em_henderson

Emily a home style expert who spends time designing, styling, art directing, writing, hosting TV shows, running and writing her self-named blog.






Expertise: Furniture and interior design

Brands good for: Homeware and furniture brands.


  • Facebook – 88.3k followers and 88.6k likes
  • Twitter – 63.6k followers
  • Instagram – 660k followers
  • YouTube – 28.6k subscribers
  • Pinterest – 177k followers
9. Elsie Larson
Home decor influencer
Source: Instagram @elsielarson

Elsie runs her blog, A Beautiful Mess, with her sister Emma. Together they share home decor projects, recipes, and crafts, as well as bits about their lives.






Expertise: Cooking, home decor, crafts, fashion and make-up.

Brands good for: DIY, home improvement, homeware and furniture brands.


  • Facebook – 81.5k followers and 82.9k likes
  • Twitter – 60.2k followers
  • Instagram – 588m followers
  • YouTube – 27.8k subscribers
  • Pinterest – 280k followers
10. Will Taylor
Home decor influencer
Source: Instagram @brightbazaar

Will is a freelance author, creative consultant and lifestyle blogger. He has been blogging about his love of colourful design, fashion and travel since 2009. His accessible approach to colour has drawn hundreds of thousands of international readers every month to his blog, bright.bazaar.





Expertise: Interior design, travel, style and the use of colour.

Brands good for: Home improvement, homeware and furniture brands.


Facebook – 42.5k followers and 43.2k likes
Twitter – 33.3k followers
Instagram – 225k followers
Pinterest – 2.4m followers

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