StoryStream’s Dr Janet Bastiman discusses how AI can impact audience segmentation and personalisation at scale with Rupa Ganatra.

The way we think about audience segmentation is massively changing and the quicker we embrace this evolution, the quicker we will be able to get our data to work for us in creating true personalisation at scale at an individual customer level. As Dr Janet Bastiman, Chief Science Officer of StoryStream points out, “I’m regularly mistargeted because of my age and gender. According to advertisers, I shouldn’t be interested in the latest smart home devices or offers on hardware. Instead I regularly get targeted items on crafts, baby items and even divorce lawyers!

Dr Janet Bastiman

Traditionally, audience segmentation was done by categories such as age, gender and disposable incomes. Today, retailers need to be looking at how their customers actually want to engage with them and look at what they’re interested in. Social Tribes enables retailers to build tribes of people that can be identified by their interests, whether that be Gym Selfies, Sneaker Heads, Sci-Fi or anything else enabling them to know their customers and prospective customers at a really deep and individual level.”

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