Content Marketing AssociationFollowing our “Artificial Intelligence: Don’t Believe The Hype” panel debate, there has been much discussion around what AI could really mean for marketers.

Ashley Norris of the CMA attended the StoryStream event and came away with observations on how AI is already being used in the marketing space, such as;

  • Content creation
  • Image and content management
  • Customer insight and personalisation
  • Chatbots and conversational content
  • Optimising PPC advertising

In particular, Ashley has noted StoryStream’s strength in image and content management using AI.

This is one of the areas that StoryStream is innovating in. Its new Aura AI system uses visual recognition technology to help brands find images that are likely to resonate best with customers.

The platform assesses images rating their appropriateness for a campaign, looking not just at what is in the image (location, colours, objects etc) but also factors like how it might emotionally connect with users. In addition to smart digital asset management, Aura also delivers multi-channel publishing and supports this with content analytics.

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