We started StoryStream to help brands transform the way they build relationship with customers using their content.

Over the last few years we have been lucky enough to work with some incredible brands helping them to use more authentic forms of content, largely user generated content (UGC), to increase the performance of campaigns, websites and much more.

We developed the StoryStream Content Marketing PlatformTM to offer a complete end-to-end solution of source, manage and publish content at enterprise scale.

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The Content Crunch

Over the last few years the volume of content being created has grown exponentially. The rate of content creation needed to satisfy the hungry appetite of audiences across a huge number of channels is putting an increasing strain on marketing departments and their resources.

Consumer brands spend an average of 35% (Forrester) of total marketing budgets on content, representing billions in investment globally. However research shows that as much as 95% of content (Beckon) has no impact on engagement and is largely wasted.

The problem is that today’s solutions used to manage content were largely conceived in a ‘pre-social media, often ‘pre-digital’ world. Key challenges for marketers such as, “what content should I create, where should I put it, what ROI has it delivered” still remain unanswered by current technology.

Introducing the new StoryStream: The next generation Content Marketing Platform    

To solve this problem we are excited to be launching the all new version of StoryStream.

We call it a ‘next generation content marketing platform’ as while being built from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s marketer we have developed cutting edge content management technology to future proof for the demands of tomorrow.

As a result the new StoryStream helps marketers scale all aspects of their content marketing to new levels and generate incredible results through measurable ROI.

The new platform solves the following key content problems found by every marketer:

Getting quality content at scale – Curate all of the brand, user generated and influencer content being created around a brand into one unified place accessible to all the organisation. This reduces the cost of content creation.

Easier management of content at enterprise scale – Automatically tag and organise all of your content into topic based streams and instantly share across teams and departments. This save time and money, making marketing departments more efficient.

Multi channel distribution – Instantly distribute to all key customer channels to create highly relevant, personalised content experiences. This increases audience engagement and conversion.

Real, measurable content ROI – Track how every piece of content drives results back to measurable ROI helping to optimise and improve results across all aspects of content marketing.

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Powered by AuraTM, an AI Brain Built for Brands

Marketing AI

At the heart of the new StoryStream is our proprietary Artificial Intelligence we’ve called Aura.

Aura adds a layer of content intelligence into the platform opening up incredible new ways to manage and create value from content marketing. Aura can see, understand and action content faster than a human ever can meaning many processes can be automated and optimised, freeing up marketers to focus on the creative, innovative and strategic aspects of content marketing.

Aura will increasingly power all aspects of the StoryStream platform including functions such as automated content tagging, content recommendation and ROI optimisation helping to save marketers money while increasing the performance of the content marketing.

Vision for the future

Our vision at StoryStream is to create intelligent technology to make marketing more human.

The launch of the new StoryStream content marketing platform represents a true expression of this vision and we are only at the start of creating something very special. Join us on the journey.


Alex is a digital marketing & branding specialist with a proven track record of creating innovative digital strategies and developing digital products. Previously, Alex headed up the digital function at Porsche where he developed a number of pioneering projects.