We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Brandwatch, the world’s premier social intelligence group, on the launch of its Vizia data-visualisation platform.

The partnership enables our proprietary artificial intelligence powered content management capabilities to be used within the Vizia’s platform, allowing Brandwatch customers to display the social content that matters most alongside insightful data-visualisations across organisations.

Our Content Marketing Platform™ powered by Aura™, an AI brain built for brands, unifies digital asset management, multi-channel publishing and advanced content analytics. The Platform uses Aura’s advanced AI skills to centralise, manage and publish both social and brand content directly to digital touchpoints to influence customer behaviour.

With the new partnership we help Brandwatch customers who use Vizia to put AI enriched social content in context with its data-visualisations to deliver more engaging and authentic brand experiences. “If you want to understand the true value of social and marketing data, you need to look into its context” said Cameron Franks, COO at StoryStream.

“It can unveil a whole host of insights including the changing wants and needs of customers, new trends ahead of the curve and what customers really think when they see a brand. The partnership with StoryStream’s Content Marketing Platform™ gives Vizia access to that context. Numerical and traditionally rigid displays will now feature authentic customer and brand content together, creating a more richer, and engaging experience.”

Michael Brackpool, VP of Product for Vizia added, “The beauty of StoryStream is its ability to very quickly prove to marketers the content that resonates with their consumers. The power of Vizia is its ability to put insight right in front of key internal stakeholders and consumers, especially at the point of purchase in retail environments. With that said, Vizia and StoryStream has always felt like a natural fit.”

You can read more about the redesign of the Vizia Platform here.

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