Artificial Intelligence: Don’t believe the hype?

Artificial Intelligence is a term that has bounced around all industries and all business departments, including marketing.

There have been both positive and negative claims flung around, and when hearing from marketers it became clear that many were confused about what AI even meant, let alone what it could do to the marketing industry.

Thoughts of a terminator style colleague replacing them have sprung to mind, whilst others have dreamt about AI handling the data side and allowing them to focus on the creative and innovative side. The most cynical have dismissed that attention growing as nothing but hype and many marketers still think that they are 2 – 5 years away from adopting AI into their processes.

There are so many opinions, stories and misconceptions floating around so at StoryStream we  wanted to sort the fact from the fiction and help marketers get their head around AI.

We gathered four experts representing perspectives from investor, industry, agency and brand to explore what AI really means for marketers, what the real applications are today and where the risks lie for the future in a marketing centred panel discussion.

Our panelists were:

  • David Kelnar, Partner and Head of Research at MMC Ventures
  • Rupa Ganatra, Co-founder of Millenial 20/20
  • Tom Ollerton, Innovation Director at We Are Social
  • Alex Vaidya, CEO & Co-Founder, StoryStream / Former Head of Digital at Porsche

You can watch the full panel debate here.

Introducing the next generation AI powered Content Marketing Platform

StoryStream’s interests in AI for marketers has grown exponentially, culminating at the beginning of 2017 with the hire of Chief Science Officer, Dr Janet Bastiman and her team of AI experts.

Marketers are under increasing pressure from the changing expectations and demands of today’s customers. Customers are ultra-connected, looking for instant gratification and searching for high-quality personalised purchasing experiences from brands.

To solve the growing struggles when delivering clear, measurable ROI with limited budgets, time and resources marketers need innovative technologies (AI!) that can understand and predict human behaviour, thereby identifying what type of content will increase conversions and generate customer loyalty.

This is what fuelled our vision to create intelligent technology that makes marketing more human. Our talented teams worked hard to create Aura, a state of the art AI brain built for brands which powers our content marketing platform. It helps marketers remove time intensive tasks, freeing them to concentrate on the more strategic, creative and innovative aspects of marketing, something AI cannot do yet.

Aura, provides a unique platform to further develop our transformational technology, helping marketing departments realise the future of marketing, today.

StoryStream’s AI philosophy: Beating the ‘Content Crunch’

36% of marketing budgets being spent on content but 5% of content created accounts for 90% of engagement. The issues for marketers arise out of not knowing what content to create, efficient content management and trying to figure out how to reach the right person at the right time, in the right place.  

This is where Aura stands out. Aura’s AI capabilities are modelled on the human brain and can be tailored to a brand’s specific needs and business goals. Her skills help marketers understand the context and performance of brand-specific content, connecting its creation, how it’s used in marketing and how its ROI is measured.

This skills include;

  • Visual recognition
  • Decision making
  • Language analysis
  • Data analysis

Artificial Intelligence

As more and more content gets analysed, Aura becomes increasingly brand-specific, intelligent and human-like; gaining the ability to predict what content should be used on specific channels for maximum impact.

All of this unlocks levels of performance and efficiency not possible with teams of people and current technology alone.

If what you’ve read and watched today has piqued your interest and you’d like to find out more, then please get in touch with on of our content experts today.

To find out more about AI in marketing, we have created a handy infographic which you can view here.

To find out more about Aura and our content marketing platform, you can download our brochure here.