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Let’s Humanise Online Shopping

Our mission is to make the experience of shopping online more authentic, engaging and fun by connecting people from the real world to the digital one.

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About StoryStream

People Powered Commerce

Social media platforms have created new and exciting ways to discover and buy products online. Social Commerce focuses the shopping experience on people and connections, not simply on products. It's how we like to shop in the real world, but online.

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About StoryStream

eCommerce is evolving

Traditional eCommerce, which still accounts for over 85% of online sales, remains a largely transactional experience that hasn’t evolved much over the last 20 years. It is still about products, not people. eCommerce brands and retailers now face an increasingly competitive environment with rising customer acquisition costs and falling customer loyalty all leading to lost sales.

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About StoryStream

Social-first and always

We believe that brands and retailers have a huge opportunity to make their eCommerce experience more social and more people-centric using authentic visual content.

By adopting ‘visual shopping’ experiences that bring real content created by real people into the heart of eCommerce you can create a more authentic, engaging and immersive shopping experience that supercharges sales and creates lasting loyalty.

We call this “People Powered Commerce”.

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About StoryStream

Our company

Founded in 2012 we are team of passionate people based in the UK and working with customers globally. We're a recognised Great Place to Work, U.K.

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About StoryStream

Our values

  • People First 💛

    The wellbeing of you and the people special to you always comes first.

  • Own It 💪

    Seize the opportunity and make great things happen.

  • Above & Beyond 🙌

    Exceed expectations for both our customers and colleagues.

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