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Shoppable Stories

The interactivity of Social Media meets the ease of Online Shopping

Introducing StoryStream Stories - the future of online shopping, Stories is the ultimate blend of eCommerce and social media! This innovative feature bridges the gap between browsing and buying, infusing your online store with the interactivity of social media stories and the ease of online shopping.

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Shoppable Stories

Integrate the social elements customers love into your website

StoryStreamโ€™s brand new, social-shopping experience, boosting product discoverability for those actively seeking relevant and inspiring content, guiding users seamlessly from discovery to purchase.

  • Social first

    Connect social to web, and content to commerce, with a brand new layout built for the modern consumer.

  • Anywhere & Everywhere

    Build on basket size with product discoverability at any point in the browsing journey, from homepage to category pages.

  • Real & Relevant

    Inspire and engage consumers with more authentic and relevant content at the places most likely to convert.

  • Tap & Transact

    Deliver paths to purchase in 2-taps.

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Shoppable Stories

Swipe, discover, purchase

Dive into the future of digital engagement with StoryStream Stories โ€“ deliver paths to purchase in just 2-taps! Get ready to see bounce rates plummet, engagement metrics soar and AOV increase as your customers browse just as they would social media.

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Shoppable Stories

Stories that Sell

Discover the transformative power of Stories, turn your online store into an engaging customer journey. By presenting customers with captivating content, Stories encourages exploration, reduces bounce rates, and increases dwell time.

Our tailored call-to-actions guide users from engagement to action, improving user experience and conversion rates. Stories enhances product showcasing, increasing average order value (AOV) and customer satisfaction!

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Shoppable Stories

Responsive to any Device

Whether your customers prefer browsing your site on mobile, tablet or desktop, Stories is responsive to all devices. What's more Stories doesn't just work on websites it also works in app!

Plus with the flexibility of Stories, you can choose how many categories you want to showcase, and what content you want within each. Also personalise the thumbnail for each category either from images in your StoryStream content hub or directly upload an image of your choice.

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Embrace the Future of Online

Discover the magic of StoryStream Stories: elevate your online experience with the dynamism of social media, for an unmatched shopping journey.