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StoryStream expands its leading video commerce capabilities with TikTok integration

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The new integration allows StoryStream users to bring brand and influencer-created TikTok content into the StoryStream platform – and make that content shoppable.

From introducing the world to the art of the #dancechallenge to overtaking Google as the world’s most-accessed domain (Forbes), the rise and rise of TikTok has been impossible to ignore. Having hit over a billion monthly average users in September 2021 (TikTok), TikTok has become an essential addition to a brand’s social media strategy in 2022.

TikTok’s users are highly engaged too: 90% open the app every day (Oberlo), and 83% have posted a video to the platform at some point (AdWeek). So it stands to reason that, for brands looking to gain an edge on their competition through customer-generated content-powered eCommerce experiences, TikTok represents a huge opportunity.

Getting more from your brand’s TikTok content

StoryStream now allows users to bring brand and influencer-created content from TikTok into the StoryStream curation platform. TikTok content collected within the StoryStream platform can then be published into live galleries on a brand’s homepage, product display pages, via the LinkStream “link in bio” landing page, or served dynamically into email.

Crucially, brands can also make the TikTok content they’ve pulled into their StoryStream galleries shoppable too. Using the same “Smart Goal” CTA workflow as for content sourced from any other social network, in a couple of clicks brands will be able to track the impact of their TikTok content as it appears across their online store.

What’s in it #ForYou?

Tom Matthews, StoryStream’s Product Manager sees a big opportunity for brands:

“The numbers don’t lie. TikTok’s personalised ‘For You’ algorithm brings a fresh approach to the traditional follow-oriented content timeline, and has people sharing more than ever; pivoting user focus away from curated ‘grids’, and over to creatively – and more freely – posting the things they care about. It’s now time for brands to start integrating that brilliant TikTok content into their digital strategy, celebrating it right across their web properties.

“By combining owned and influencer TikTok content with the UGC that brands are already collecting through StoryStream (from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere) we’re giving brands the right tools to start weaving their TikTok creative into their digital marketing strategy.

“The benefits for brands are twofold: in the first instance, it’s about enabling brands to create even more compelling web experiences for their visitors. But it’s also about helping brands to realise a commercial value from that content investment that they couldn’t before.

“With StoryStream, brands can now create – or commission – content for TikTok, and then pull that content back into their site and make it shoppable. TikTok videos make for a lively and fun addition to galleries; we can’t wait to hear how our customers start to use and see value from that content.”

Things to try

What’s a social commerce strategy without the fastest growing social media platform, anyway? Here are three ways your brand can start testing and learning with the StoryStream TikTok integration today:

  • Add TikTok content to your homepage gallery
  • Bring shoppable TikTok content into your “link in bio” experience (be that your Instagram link in bio, or TikTok)
  • Try adding TikTok content to your product display pages (a quick “how-to” tutorial on a facial cleanser, unboxing clip, or recipe hack perhaps…)

Keep an eye on your metrics (e.g. page dwell time, CTR from social link in bio, and product display page conversion rate), test some hypotheses, and start building TikTok into your digital strategy in a totally new way.

What’s next?

Bringing brand and influencer-created TikTok content into your StoryStream experiences is just the beginning of the story.

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And if your brand is getting started on TikTok – or just looking for some inspiration – check out our TikTok strategy primer (with lots of brilliant examples of brands gaining ground across TikTok).

Photo by Franck on Unsplash