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StoryStream announces the integration of Instagram Reels into the platform

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Reels are coming to StoryStream!

With the integration of Instagram Reels into the StoryStream platform, customers will be able to simplify the management and curation of highly-engaging UGC – and make products featured in the Reels shoppable through StoryStream’s SmartGoal functionality.

Tom Matthews, Product Manager at StoryStream: “The integration of Reels into StoryStream represents an exciting moment for brands and their visual commerce strategy. We’re passionate about giving our customers every opportunity to make the experience of shopping online more authentic, engaging and fun – whether that be by bringing new formats online from existing social networks, or adding new integrations like TikTok – and we anticipate that shoppable Reels will be a huge hit for our customers.”

StoryStream customers can add rights-approved Instagram Reels to existing galleries, and further leverage the content across their acquisition channels (home pages, product display pages, email, LinkStream, paid social, and digital screens). Where there’s StoryStream, there’s Reels.

“We can’t wait to see what our customers do with this integration. The importance of authentic, trustworthy content in the eCommerce journey can’t be understated – recent research run with the IMRG revealed that 91% of consumers remain loyal to brands they see as authentic and trustworthy (download the full reports here) – and with Reels, our customers will be able to deliver truly immersive social shopping experiences right across their eCommerce channels,” said Tom.

Alex Vaidya, CEO StoryStream: “Shoppable Instagram Reels are another important addition to StoryStream’s ever-expanding video commerce offering. We’re already seeing customers making huge strides in their UGC and Live Video Shopping strategies – it’s an exciting space to be leading and supporting our customers in.”

Get in touch with your account team today to get started with the Instagram Reels integration, and check out the TikTok integration announcement here.

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Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash