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Engage your customers with the best mix of reviews, editorial & UGC

Introducing the StoryStream Earned Media Module

The Earned Media Module is a new StoryStream content display format, that blends authentic visual UGC along with reviews and editorial content.


Giving online consumers positive, honest reviews that they can empathise with, is proven to show they’re more likely to convert.

However, consumers usually have to search and look across multiple websites and social networks to find relevant visual UGC, reviews and editorial content. This raises the following problems:


  • Customers have to leave your website to find trusted content from lots of places elsewhere.
  • You risk losing their attention, and at worst they may move to a competitor.
  • You miss the opportunity to convert a customer when they are in buying mode on your site.


Trusted content is critical in giving customers the confidence to buy, and in today’s world authenticity is more important than ever.

How it works

The Earned Media Module is an embeddable content format that displays an engaging mix of rights approved UGC, review and editorial content.

It shows a visual, horizontal stream of published content that includes video, imagery and articles.

Content can be scrolled across using the arrows on either side, and, just like with our other Storyboards, expanded to read more about specific content.

Users can filter content by grouped sections that give context to the page, like Reviews, Social Media or Articles, all sourced and rights managed or created using the StoryStream platform.


The Earned Media Module is the first content solution of its kind to solve the problem of delivering the best mix of UGC, review and editorial content in one place.

It provides the following distinct benefits:


  • Grow website engagement by increasing dwell times and reducing bounce rates.
  • Increase conversion rates on the page (StoryStream customers have seen conversion increases of over 25% using UGC on product pages)
  • Add dynamic content to pages to boost SEO and build organic search traffic.
  • Create an authentic and trusted brand experience.


For more information on getting started with the Earned Media Module, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or to see how we can help inspire your customer with visual, social and shoppable content.