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Product News, March 2019

Introducing StoryStream Emissions Labelling

We recently wrote a blog post outlining the significant challenges marketers are facing as WLTP legislation increasingly calls for brands to show emissions data on their model content. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been working on a solution to remove the complex, time consuming and costly work in doing this at enterprise scale.

StoryStream Emissions Labelling enables automotive marketers to show detailed CO₂ and fuel consumption information on all content, without having to manually edit assets on websites, apps or digital screens.

How it works

Emissions Labelling is powered by a new form of content tag, applied to assets individually or at scale from within the StoryStream platform. Tags contain model level information defined by the user, such as CO₂ and fuel consumption details. The tag can then be applied to any imagery containing that car with just one click.

Once published on a Storyboard, end customers will see a concise but unobtrusive message on the asset outlining the emissions data for that model.

Release date

Emissions Labelling will be available in early Q2 for supported StoryBoards.

Contact your account manager today to discuss rollout for your brand.


StoryStream analytics – New View insights

We’ve expanded our analytics insights to show you how your visitors on web and mobile are engaging with StoryStream content even if they don’t click on items.

Great content influences customer behaviour in many ways, and a big part of that is how users view content as they browse on web, but traditionally if you wanted to see how visitors viewed a certain content area on a page, you needed to use a lot of tricky custom coding. So we wanted to solve this problem out of the box.

You’ll soon see two new insights in your analytics – The number of visitors who reached a StoryBoard when scrolling on a given page, and the number of visitors who found that content engaging enough to stop and view for a prolonged period.

We’re confident these new insights will give our customers the feedback needed to quickly learn what content works best at getting visitors attention in order to drive them towards valuable end goals, like generating a website lead or car configurator.

Release date

These new View insights will be available at the end of March, you won’t need to do anything to enable them.


New feed type: Instagram Mention

We’ve enhanced our Feed functionality to give you instant access to Instagram content where your brand is featured by a creator.

Our new Instagram Feed type means that any mention of your brand in an Instagram caption can be automatically collected and curated by StoryStream, with our FanShare functionality enabling you to gain legal usage rights at the click of a button.

Not only does this provide an additional source of high quality content from Instagram, but provides a more valuable and authentic stream of assets from passionate users who are likely to approve usage rights to their posts.

The new functionality also offers an effective way to surface highly engaged users for partnership outreach.

Release date

The new functionality is now available to all users of the platform. Information on how to set this up can be found in the support area of the platform.


New feature: automated cookie compliance

We’ve introduced new smart functionality that means our StoryBoards will prevent content from social networks dropping cookies on your website until a user agrees to a cookie policy. Once a user agrees, content from all sources is displayed to the user as normal.

In order to display content from some third parties, StoryStream must allow the networks to track interactions using cookies. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube measure interactions with their content when displayed on third party websites, reporting back users metrics like views, plays, retweets and likes.

Our new functionality means brands that have implemented a cookie manager, or are considering one, can continue to experience the full benefits of StoryStream while website visitors can continue to have full control over their online privacy.

Release date

The functionality will be available to all users at the end of March.

Setup requires us to understand a little bit about your cookie manager, so get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to get started.

We’ll keep you posted as we progress with all of this work and future iterations, but for the time being we always welcome any feedback, thoughts or questions you might have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you’re not yet a StoryStream customer and would like to hear more about these features or any of our solutions, we’d be happy to walk you through a free demo of our platform.