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Transforming Customer Journeys: How StoryStream And Appointedd Drive Omnichannel Success

Key takeaways

🔄 Omnichannel Excellence: Blend online and offline experiences seamlessly to meet evolving consumer expectations.

📈 Boost Conversions: Combine StoryStream’s UGC with Appointedd’s scheduling tools to turn interest into action and drive higher conversions.

🚀 Engage with Authentic Content: Captivate your audience with genuine, user-generated content across multiple channels.


Customer engagement is crucial in today’s marketing landscape. Modern consumers seek authentic and personalised experiences, making it essential for brands to capture their interest across multiple channels. Consumer behaviours are rapidly evolving towards an omnichannel approach, where a seamless blend of online and offline experiences is paramount. Modern consumers no longer differentiate between online and in-store shopping; they expect a cohesive journey that integrates both. Research shows that 80% of customer visits to physical stores are influenced by omnichannel strategies, and 74% of consumers conduct online research before visiting a store (1). Fifteen years ago, consumers relied on just a couple of digital touchpoints for purchasing decisions; today, the average consumer engages with nearly six touchpoints, and 50% use more than four regularly (1). This shift underscores the necessity for brands to move beyond siloed channels and create a unified customer experience.

Recognising this shift, Appointedd and StoryStream have joined forces to help brands deliver a seamless, omnichannel customer journey. By integrating StoryStream’s engaging content modules with Appointedd’s advanced scheduling tools, brands can bridge the gap between online and in-store experiences. StoryStream’s platform showcases user-generated content (UGC) and social proof, displaying what products look like in real life on other shoppers, building trust and captivating audiences. Appointedd’s software then enables customers to schedule in-store appointments directly from these engaging content pieces. This combined approach increases engagement and conversion rates, creating a more cohesive and compelling shopping experience for customers. Ensuring that every touchpoint in the customer journey is optimised for success enhances both user experience and business outcomes.



Appointedd specialises in advanced appointment scheduling and management solutions that enhance customer engagement by simplifying bookings for one-to-one appointments, masterclasses and events. Appointedd boasts features like 24/7 unlimited bookings, multi-calendar management, customisable booking tools, and automated customer communications. Their success stories include a 235% increase in bookings for Charlotte Tilbury,a 300% rise in average basket value for a UK retail client, and more than doubling appointments for Charles Tyrwhitt in a single quarter. Appointedd is proud to work with clients such as  Lego, Frasers Group,Harrods, and Liberty

StoryStream offers a platform for User Generated Content (UGC) and social shopping experiences, transforming crowdsourced imagery and video content into engaging, shoppable experiences. Their solutions include UGC galleries, shoppable videos, livestream shopping, and visual reviews, serving over 100 brands such as L’Oreal Group and John Lewis, driving significant sales revenue while committing to sustainability as a certified B-Corp.



The partnership between StoryStream and Appointedd leverages the strengths of both platforms to create a seamless and engaging customer journey. StoryStream’s AI-powered platform excels at generating and curating authentic user-generated content (UGC) that resonates with modern consumers seeking genuine and personalised experiences. This content is strategically placed on brand websites and social media platforms to capture consumer interest and drive engagement.

On the other hand, Appointedd’s advanced scheduling tools provide a seamless way to convert this engagement into actionable outcomes. By integrating Appointedd’s booking capabilities into StoryStream’s content modules, brands can offer customers the ability to book in-store appointments, consultations, or test drives directly from engaging content. This synergy ensures that the customer journey is smooth and uninterrupted, from initial discovery to final action.


The combination of StoryStream and Appointedd brings significant added value to businesses by enhancing customer engagement, improving conversion rates, and streamlining operational processes. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Increased Engagement: StoryStream’s engaging and authentic content keeps customers on the brand’s website for longer periods, increasing the likelihood of product discovery and interest. UGC is highly trusted by consumers, with 62% finding it more reliable than traditional branded content, which helps build credibility and trust.
  2. Higher Conversion Rates: Featuring UGC can significantly boost conversion rates. For instance, integrating UGC into Peacocks’ strategy led to a 68% increase in Average Session Duration and a 16% increase in their average order value. For Sweaty Betty, the integration of UGC resulted in a 25% lift in conversion and an 18% increase in AOV. These statistics underscore the potential impact of combining StoryStream’s content with Appointedd’s scheduling tools.
  3. Streamlined Processes: By integrating scheduling directly into content modules, the process from discovery to booking becomes seamless. Customers can immediately act on their interests without navigating away from the content, reducing friction and improving the overall user experience.
  4. Comprehensive Insights and Reporting: Both platforms offer robust analytics and reporting tools that provide valuable insights into customer behaviour. Appointedd’s reporting suite allows businesses to filter and analyse data, monitor team performance, and gather insights on capacity, cancellations, and revenue. This data-driven approach helps businesses optimise their strategies and maximise ROI.


StoryStream’s platform turns authentic content into commerce by leveraging UGC and social shopping experiences. Consumers today actively seek out and trust UGC when making purchasing decisions. With 90% of consumers looking for UGC before making a purchase, the impact of such content is undeniable. StoryStream’s dynamic social content experiences, including shoppable videos and visual customer reviews, captivate audiences and drive deeper engagement. This authentic content not only attracts attention but also helps in building a community around the brand, fostering loyalty and repeat business.


Once consumer interest is piqued through engaging content, Appointedd’s scheduling tools come into play. By integrating Appointedd’s booking capabilities within StoryStream’s modules, brands can provide a seamless transition from engagement to action. For instance, an interested customer viewing a shoppable video on a brand’s website can directly book an in-store appointment for a product demonstration, consultation, or test drive without leaving the page. This immediate call-to-action capability reduces drop-off rates and increases the likelihood of conversion.


The integration of StoryStream and Appointedd not only enhances the user experience but also streamlines business processes. For customers, the journey from discovering content to booking an appointment is smooth and intuitive. For businesses, this means fewer barriers to conversion and a more efficient way to manage customer interactions.

By providing a unified platform that combines engaging content with seamless scheduling, brands can ensure that they are meeting the needs of today’s consumers who demand both authenticity and convenience. This integrated approach not only enhances user satisfaction but also drives tangible business results, such as increased bookings, higher average order values, and improved customer loyalty.

In conclusion, the combined power of StoryStream and Appointedd offers a compelling solution for brands looking to enhance engagement and conversion. By leveraging authentic content and seamless scheduling, businesses can create a truly omnichannel customer journey that captivates and converts, driving sustained engagement and growth.


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