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THG Ingenuity and StoryStream partnership: a new generation of eCommerce experiences at scale

StoryStream x THG Ingenuity

THG plc is a globally-renowned end-to-end tech platform, specialising in taking brands direct to consumers. Its proprietary, end-to-end, e-commerce technology, infrastructure and brand-building platform, powers THG’s own brands and an ever-growing cohort of brands globally.

So, when it came to integrating customer-generated content into Ingenuity’s already impressive stack of conversion rate optimisation and personalisation tools, StoryStream emerged as a natural partner. StoryStream’s visual commerce platform is a must-have for brands looking to weave authentic content into their online experience and offers unrivalled scalability, security, and flexibility – values shared by THG Ingenuity.

Alex Vaidya, CEO StoryStream: “We’re at an interesting moment for eCommerce brands. After the accelerated growth of online retail, 2022 is shaping up to be the year where the best really have to find a way to separate from the rest. At StoryStream, we know that user-generated and customer-generated content is content that can really elevate the on-site experience for visitors.

“It’s all the best bits of shopping in real life – being able to see products out in the world, stumbling on that special something you never knew you needed – and, when delivered in an authentic and engaging way, it is content that demonstrably impacts a whole range of important metrics through the eCommerce funnel. More engagement, more clicks, more conversions, and a bigger average order value.”

John Gallemore, CEO THG Ingenuity: “THG Ingenuity is completely unique in that it’s both a peer-to-peer eCommerce retailer owning some of the most recognised online brands and a leading service provider to global cross-border commerce brands. The same technology that drives the growth of our Ingenuity partners also powers the growth of our own brands.

“It’s a win-win. Developments and enhancements we make to our technology, operations, digital or data solutions automatically benefit our clients too. Our partnership with StoryStream is a great example of that in practice: we’ll soon be seeing StoryStream’s range of content curation solutions across 16 of THG’s own brands’ sites, while also seeing their technology lighting up our clients’ sites too.”

A Strong Start

The first THG brands to implement the partnership were Christophe Robin, Grow Gorgeous, and ESPA. In all three examples, the brands’ eCommerce sites now carry StoryStream experiences – and are using StoryStream’s social selling supercharger LinkStream to offer a best-in-class link in bio experience from the brands’ Instagram channels. (Read the in-depth case studies now: Grow Gorgeous, Christophe Robin, ESPA.)

Alongside the early movers, StoryStream experiences are now live on My Protein, Cult Beauty, Ameliorate, Eyeko London, IWOOT, Illamasqua, Very Neko, and Pop In A Box. Link in bio LinkStream pages are also being used by Perricone MD, Glossybox, Mama Mio, and Zavvi.

THG Brands Using StoryStream Logos

Where Next?

With more brands and experiences set to go live in the coming weeks – including for eCommerce giants LOOKFANTASTIC – the future looks bright for StoryStream and THG Ingenuity.

“It’s brilliant to see so many of THG’s incredible stable of brands taking that opportunity to connect their content to commerce through StoryStream,” Alex said. “We look forward to working with the team on what’s next, so watch this space for more in the coming months.”