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AMG Goes Live with StoryStream Across Global Website

With the aim of bringing more content efficiency, engagement and localised experiences to key markets, the premium high-performance automaker Mercedes-AMG has launched an exciting new partnership with StoryStream.

Maximising engagement through social content

Using our leading Dynamic Web publishing solution on the German and English versions of its global website, AMG is aiming to maximise customer engagement with its category-defining A-Class model.

Leveraging automated workflows, the brand is cross-publishing its own social postings onto embedded website Storyboards to amplify content reach and impact, while content sourcing workflows are surfacing user-generated model content from customers to be featured as social proof of the benefits offered by the AMG A-Class. 

Bringing efficiency to marketing compliance

To ensure customer content is obtained in the most official and secure capacity possible, AMG is using StoryStream’s enterprise Rights Request solution.

After identifying suitable customer content in the platform and shortlisting into a custom workflow state for review, AMG can trigger a tailored outreach message to the creator where T&Cs are presented, agreed and captured, safely unlocking that content for use.

Finally, StoryStream’s Emissions Labelling solution is helping AMG to more efficiently deliver marketing that complies with industry regulations by ensuring that model emissions information is visible on every content item published.

Localising customer experiences

The new partnership is also enabling AMG to localise customer web experiences, with English and German content displays published and managed from one interface. This includes CTA buttons embedded in content, driving customers to take actions valued across both sites such as finding dealers or configuring cars, but also includes localised actions such as promoting the download of the German specific AMG mobile app.

Having just gone live with the new integrations, we’re hugely excited to begin optimising these new customer experiences as our partnership with Mercedes-AMG develops over the coming months.


Solutions used by Mercedes-AMG:

  • StoryStream content Sourcing and Rights Request
  • Website Storyboards with built-in CTA SmartGoals
  • StoryStream Emissions Labelling solution