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How Maybelline New York (DE) takes social commerce to “the next level” with User-generated Content

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Key takeaways:

  • Maybelline New York (DE) uses StoryStream to curate, acquire the rights for, and leverage high-impact User-generated Content (UGC); enhancing its social commerce strategy with authentic social proof content.
  • The Maybelline New York (DE) team has achieved a 32% reduction in cost per click (CPC) by leveraging UGC in its paid social strategy on Instagram.
  • UGC inspired a 74% increase in paid social ad link clicks versus brand-generated and influencer-created content.

Since pioneering the “first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use” over 100 years ago, Maybelline New York (part of the L’Oreal family of brands) has become a global go-to for tens of millions of customers. And in Germany – where the growing beauty and personal care market represents US$18.37bn in 2023 – @Maybelline_DE ranks amongst the most well-followed brands on Instagram.

As early adopters of social commerce – the promoting and selling of products through social media channels, either directly or through retailers – and longtime advocates of the power of online community, the Maybelline DE team spotted an opportunity to bring those two things together. Using StoryStream, Maybelline New York (DE) is able to source and incorporate high-quality UGC from its customers into its social commerce strategy: stocking its organic social media calendar with UGC, and utilising authentic social proof in paid social media campaigns on Instagram.

Scroll-stopping Content

In research published recently by the IMRG, we learned that 73% of online shoppers have been directly influenced by User-generated Content while making online purchase decision-making in the past 12 months.

(UGC is particularly influential amongst the cohort of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers: for members of Gen Z, UGC is the single most important factor when making a purchase decision on a brand site!)

When it comes to quantifying the volume and quality of customer-generated content available to the brand, Maybelline DE sits in an enviable position; customers love celebrating the Maybelline brand on social … and the brand loves celebrating them! Using the StoryStream visual commerce platform, the Maybelline DE team was able to quickly assembles a rich library of UGC, representing a broad range of products.

It’s from that perspective that Maybelline’s DE team spotted an opportunity. They hypothesised that UGC could help boost their paid media strategy, adding scroll-stopping content to the bank of creative at their disposal.

It was a test that delivered instant insight for the team. Compared to the other content strands tested – influencer-created content and brand-generated content – Maybelline New York DE saw a 32% reduction in cost per click when leveraging UGC in its ads. In addition, there was a 74% increase in link clicks on UGC versus other content strands; a testament to the power of UGC in engaging audiences and driving sales.

Hans Neubert, Digital Brand Manager for Maybelline New York (DE) is thrilled with the results: “Working with StoryStream has been a game-changer for us. Their expertise in sourcing and utilising User-generated Content has allowed us to take our marketing efforts to the next level.

“Not only have they helped us to find and incorporate high-quality content from our customers, but they have also provided invaluable guidance on how to maximise the impact of that content across various channels. We have seen a significant increase in engagement and sales. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future.”

Maybe it’s UGC… 

Maybelline New York DE’s partnership with StoryStream has helped the brand to improve the performance of its paid social media campaigns on Instagram; incorporating UGC from its customers in its social commerce strategy. The results have been impressive: a significant reduction in cost per click alongside a healthy increase in link clicks.

By leveraging the power of UGC, Maybelline New York DE has been able to engage its audience and drive sales in a more authentic and impactful way.

Next off the ranks – the team has recently launched its very own shoppable social storefront. Now live via the link in bio section on both Maybelline New York DE’s Instagram and TikTok channels, StoryStream’s LinkStream platform is helping the team to keep the social commerce journey truly social. Check it out here!

And the team have added curated social galleries to key pages in their eCommerce properties too. Check out the Maybelline New York DE homepage and product pages to see how UGC is helping to bring Maybelline’s products to life.

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