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Peacocks Digital Transformation – Activating Community Commerce And Authenticity


Problem – Peacock’s have a dedicated community of value-conscious shoppers but needs to amplify their stories to engage and convert new customers in the digital age.

Solution – Activate Peacocks’ community of loyal customers on social and in-store, and showcase their content as shoppable stories, on Peacocks’ website. This drives site engagement and higher purchase conversion rates.

Results – Using StoryStream, Peacock’s have seen a 16% increase in conversion rate and 68% website engagement rate of traffic that engaged with shoppable User-generated Content.


Peacocks, a well-established clothing and footwear retailer with a rich history of serving value-conscious customers on the high street, battled with the constant rise of online shopping and the ever-evolving post-COVID omnichannel landscape. In this case study, we dive deep into Peacocks’ transformative journey—a journey that allowed them to thrive in a new digital landscape. Central to this transformation was Peacocks’ embrace of community commerce and their commitment to authentic branding.


Peacocks, known for its value-focused fashion, found itself at a crossroads. The retail landscape was shifting rapidly, with consumers increasingly turning to online shopping. The brand, which had built its reputation on a foundation of physical stores, needed to prove to its customers that it could provide a seamless and compelling online shopping experience. The challenge was clear: embrace the new post-COVID, omnichannel shopping channels and demonstrate to their customers that they had adapted to the new digital landscape.



Peacocks leveraged digital channels such as Instagram and their direct-to-consumer website to actively engage with their community. Through a strategic blend of social media campaigns, and an engaging website, featuring StoryStream’s User-generated Content (UGC) homepage and Inspiration galleries, the brand encouraged customers to do more than just shop; they encouraged them to share their favourite Peacocks pieces with the rest of the Peacocks community. This approach fostered a sense of participation and co-creation, where customers felt like they were part of something bigger — the Peacocks fashion community. A community of value-conscious, fashion-forward shoppers. 


With campaigns like ‘#mypeacocks’ actively encouraging customers to generate even more content, Peacocks also needed a streamlined process for content moderation, rights requests, curation, and integration. This is where StoryStream, a vital partner in Peacocks’ transformation journey, comes into play. Through the StoryStream platform, Peacocks can efficiently manage their User-generated Content at scale. The platform’s patent-pending AI capabilities allow Peacocks to categorise content according to different criteria, creating an organised and engaging user experience. Moreover, a comprehensive rights management workflow ensures that every piece of User-generated Content can legally be used.  


As part of its commitment to authenticity, Peacocks implemented a creative initiative that allowed customers to actively participate in the brand’s online identity. Peacock’s have put QR codes within their changing rooms, so when customers try on something they like, they can simply scan the QR code and directly upload photos to Peacocks’ platform for the chance for them to be featured on their website inspiration gallery. This initiative not only reinforced the sense of community but also amplified the authentic voices of Peacocks’ most passionate advocates—its customers.



  1. MORE RELATABLE MORE PERSUASIVE: Peacocks experienced a significant 16% increase in their average order value, illustrating how a more engaged and loyal customer base can positively impact sales.
  2. INSTANT ENGAGEMENT: Peacocks saw significant improvements in their website engagement metrics, with an impressive 73% Engagement Rate on their StoryStream homepage gallery in June 2023.
  3. CONTENT CUSTOMERS WANT TO BROWSE: Using StoryStream’s Inspiration gallery, Peacocks saw a remarkable surge in engagement, boasting a 95% Engagement Rate, a 95% Content Open Rate, and an impressive 68% increase in Average Session Duration during June 2023.



Peacocks’ transformative journey, driven by a commitment to community commerce and authentic branding, has revitalised their image and significantly boosted their website’s performance. By actively engaging with their community and efficiently managing fan-generated content at scale, Peacocks has not only survived but thrived in the ever-evolving world of retail. This case study serves as a testament to the potential of community-focused strategies for brands aspiring to build loyalty and authenticity in the digital age. Embracing community commerce isn’t just a strategic choice; it’s a fundamental necessity for brands looking to thrive and remain relevant in today’s fiercely competitive landscape.