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McLaren F1 launches MCL34 through StoryStream

In the build up to the 2019 F1 season, McLaren F1 managed the launch of its new MCL34 racing car using StoryStream’s leading asset management solution.

As the public unveiling approached, the McLaren marketing team centred their content strategy around StoryStream by prepping and storing all assets needed to power the global launch among media and racing partners – including image, video and press release content.

Leveraging StoryStream’s innovative BrandBoard solution, the McLaren team securely stored all assets behind password protection on the day of the launch before distributing them the moment the car was revealed.

To amplify the excitement of the moment as effectively as possible, different variations of approved content were shared with internal and external stakeholders from just one location at the click of a button, enabling real time media communication at scale.

Additional assets were then instantly circulated throughout the day as supporting imagery and information was released to feed the growing excitement among fans on social media, news outlets and editorial channels.

To find out more about our work with McLaren F1 or our leading Smart DAM solution, contact us today.

Solutions used:

– StoryStream Smart DAM asset management
– StoryStream automated content management
– StoryStream BrandBoards