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Source Beauty Rethink the Link In Bio And Drive Huge Conversion Rate Uplift

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Key Takeaways

  • Egypt’s #1 beauty, skincare and well-being marketplace use StoryStream to help advance its social commerce strategy.
  • Audiences via LinkStream convert 95% higher vs. Source Beauty site average, driving significant revenue when they check out on site.
  • 75% uplift in pages per session: when visitors arrive on site via LinkStream, they browse additional pages and spend longer on site


Source Beauty – founded in 2016 to help customers “broaden their horizons and simply feel great about themselves” – is Egypt’s leading online beauty, skincare, and well-being marketplace.

And with a social strategy that places particular focus on Instagram – a channel where social media’s hottest real estate, the infamous “link in bio”, is a regular fixation for brands – Source Beauty knew that they needed to optimise the all-important “social to site” stepping stone on their social commerce journey.

It’s to that end that Source Beauty engaged StoryStream to help them create a shoppable link in bio landing page – aka LinkStream – to drive engaged traffic from Instagram to key pages on their eCommerce site.

Authenticity Sells

Creating and maintaining an engaging social commerce experience is a top priority for D2C beauty and skincare brands and marketplaces worldwide. And increasingly, those brands and marketplaces discovering that there is a high premium attached by consumers to the concepts of “authenticity” and “trustworthiness”: the perceived authenticity and trustworthiness of a brand are crucially important factors to consumers when deciding what to buy: 91% of respondents said that they are more likely to remain loyal to a brand (i.e. buy from them again) that they find trustworthy and authentic (IMRG).

Using LinkStream, Source Beauty transformed their link in bio landing page to become a showcase for community, micro-influencer, and brand content – all while simultaneously driving engaged traffic to their site. Fully shoppable, the social storefront creates a seamless flow for users moving from Instagram to the eCommerce marketplace, landing Source Beauty a boost to its conversion rate.

Get to the Source! The Results Are In… 

Source Beauty’s LinkStream strategy has had a significant impact on the company’s social commerce experience, engagement, and eCommerce conversion rate.

Shoppers delivered to site via LinkStream converted 95% higher than the company’s site average, a significant achievement for Source Beauty.

Atop that, visitors who arrived on the site via LinkStream also spent longer on the site, viewing an average of 75% more pages per session – a fantastic sign that traffic delivered via LinkStream is engaged (and ready to buy!).

A Resounding Success

Source Beauty’s implementation of the LinkStream strategy has demonstrably improved its social commerce experience; increasing customer engagement and boosting sales.

Champions of the awesome power of authentic social proof – check out their lovely G2 Review – Source Beauty has nailed the all-important onward journey. We can’t wait to see what they do next!