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See how NYX Cosmetics empowered their community, and drove a 33% boost in Instagram engagement

NYX Cosmetics Germany are using StoryStream to support the sourcing of content for use on social media. 

This is enabling NYX Cosmetics to share relevant and engaging content, with a specific focus on German creators: allowing NYX Cosmetics to keep up with local trends and makeup looks while also celebrating their fans. 

There’s a big focus placed on showing real people posting unedited photos to show truly how the make-up really looks, and the content is resonating with followers: performing 33% above “likes” benchmarks, and up to 90% above “comments” benchmarks. 

Within the StoryStream platform, NYX Cosmetics are using a number of hashtag and mention feeds to collect content. StoryStream’s AURU AI is allowing them to source local content from a global hashtag, by recognising and then filtering for German-language content. StoryStream can use its AI tagging to build rulesets into streams, for example, grouping by language and image quality to immediately surface the highest quality content. 

Our AURA AI also has logo recognition built-in, allowing NYX Cosmetics to easily source product-based images. NYX Cosmetics are also separating their influencers and partners, enabling them to monitor content being shared and posted. 

NYX Cosmetics can gain full legal rights to content at scale, using StoryStream’s rights request functionality. And this content can be easily shared with their social media management tool via a direct connector, sharing rights approved content seamlessly into their asset library.