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Volvo Car BeLux boosts social engagement up to 4X with Social Repost

Already having a passion for celebrating positive customer stories, Volvo Cars BeLux was looking for new ways to build closer relationships with their customers while reaching and engaging more potential buyers with Volvo content on social media. The goal was to find a way to do so within a repeatable and scalable structure.

Using StoryStream Social Repost, Volvo Cars is now using process automation to source inspirational customer-created content and share those assets back across social media.

After encouraging customers to share their best experiences under the #VolvoMoment campaign, the brand’s first StoryStream Workflow is used to centralise those items within the platform. A second platform Workflow then enables the marketing team to select suitable content items and trigger a custom outreach message to the creator to secure legal usage rights to the asset for Volvo Car.

In Volvo Cars Belgium and Luxembourg markets, the team has been reposting and showcasing the greatest content collected while taking the opportunity to encourage customers to share their best summer experiences with Volvo at heart.

In response, engaged brand advocates have shared incredible imagery of their own models and adventures directly within the comments section of the reposted content, further feeding positive social engagement and campaign momentum.

As well as offering Volvo Car a steady influx of on-brand advocacy content to post, the impact this new form of content is having on social engagement has been significant. Comparing a user-generated content post on Facebook to a similar brand item, the performance improvements include,

  • 120% increase in people reached
  • 470% increase in post clicks
  • 264% increase in reaction, comments, and shares

With Social Repost, brands also have the option of connecting StoryStream directly to their social media management tool, further automating work by sending assets directly to their publishing interface.

To learn more about how Social Repost can help increase your social media performance, get in touch with our content experts today.