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Bye-bye boring “link in bio”. Hello, LinkStream.

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Social commerce is at the top of the to-do list for many marketing teams today, with tens of millions spent each month searching for an answer to the question of how to connect social content to conversion. The default answer – “pop a link to the website in the bio?” – may be a familiar marketing trope, but is it really the best experience for your users?

“No,” you say? And we’d agree. That’s because users who have just enjoyed a look at your Instagram page don’t now want a collection of links, or to restart their experience of your brand all over again from your homepage: they want to see your products there and then, and make their purchase decisions at that moment.


Enter LinkStream.

Hold up. Before we take a look at the owned-and-earned content social media commerce supercharger that is LinkStream (TLDR; you can book a demo here) first we should talk about two seemingly unrelated words, and why in 2021 they belong in the same breath: “authenticity” and “conversion”.

Conversion rate optimisation, as a philosophy and practice, often foregrounds small tweaks as leading to incremental gains. Marvellous things can happen when you multivariate test button colours on a webpage that’s getting one million clicks a day – but as to whether that kind of insight scales across a channel like social media? Users are less convinced (and against the backdrop of various high profile news stories, openly sceptical).

So how good would it be if the content that converts best for your brand is already out there, waiting?


70% of consumers trust UGC more than branded content (Reevoo)


The power of User Generated Content cannot be underestimated – check out our Consumer Trends report for a closer look at the importance of authentic content in customer decision journeys. And the reasons for that are fairly self-evident: people trust people. No one does your marketing better than a delighted customer.

This is the “authenticity” we’re talking about: the authentic experience of your product by your customers. And as for how that’s helping to drive conversion …  check out our latest case study with Sweaty Betty (25% conversion uplift).

The opportunity is clear. And to make the most of it, the combined forces of social media, digital, and eCommerce teams need a way to elevate and supercharge their fans’ content.

Enter LinkStream (for real this time).

  • Connecting content to commerce.
  • Closing the gap between user and conversion through authentic social-first experiences.
  • Saying bye-bye to boring “link in bios” for good.


For these reasons and many others, StoryStream has created LinkStream.

LinkStream is a shoppable social “link in bio” solution that showcases your product content – whether that content be owned, user-generated, or a mix of both – and using an inbuilt artificial intelligence and analytics stack makes the link between content and commerce in one place.

It’s time to rethink the “link in bio”, and get your hard-earned UGC working even harder.

To book a demo and see what LinkStream can do for your social commerce, get in touch with our team now.