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StoryStream and Brandwatch platform integration 

It’s a critical moment for digital marketers who want to prove the value of their efforts. StoryStream CEO Alex Vaidya looks at how the power of partnerships will help clear the way for more effective marketing strategies. 

Over the past five years, there have been significant headwinds affecting all marketers: GDPR changed the way we work with data, the pandemic saw a near-halving of budgets, and the removal of third-party cookies will soon necessitate a total reimagining of the way marketers think about (and programme) personalisation.  

At StoryStream we’re proud to say that we give our customers the edge no matter the challenge: our platform curates and displays authentic customer content that drives demonstrable ROI. It’s experience-level personalisation without the creepy bits – StoryStream helps brands to elevate and celebrate real content created by real people. 

It’s for that reason that we are thrilled to be bringing the full power of User-generated Content to life for Brandwatch’s customers. Using StoryStream, Brandwatch customers will be able to link earned content to real commercial performance – presenting an opportunity to unlock the value of their fans and advocates in a totally new way. 

The benefits of being able to identify, manage and publish UGC from within the Brandwatch (formerly platform cut right across a marketing team’s needs: reducing always-on content creation costs, increasing organic engagement, and tracking the impact of curated UGC as it appears across a brand’s social, web, and email comms.

For Mikael Lemberg, VP Product & Global Partnerships at Brandwatch, the benefits run even deeper: 

“User-generated Content is becoming an increasingly interesting discipline for many brands, as the importance of relevance and authenticity continues to grow! UGC sourcing used to be complex and resource-demanding, but now with our StoryStream integration, we can offer simple workflows, for brands of any size.”

So as we extend a warm “hello” to Brandwatch customers, it’s also a great opportunity to think about the need for partnership more generally across marketing. And for brands looking to drive efficiency, optimise their digital experience, and connect their content strategy to their commercial targets it might be that your best collaborators are already out there, advocating your brand and talking about your products. 

To unlock the power of UGC is to unlock the power of partnerships; we’re sure about that. 


About Brandwatch

Brandwatch’s SMMT (formerly is a digital platform for content creation, planning, and publication. Create paid and organic posts for all your social networks in one collaborative content calendar. Content identified in the StoryStream UGC Curation platform is pushed to your Brandwatch Content Pool.

About Cision

As a global leader in PR, marketing, and social media management technology and intelligence, Cision helps brands and organizations to identify, connect and engage with customers and stakeholders to drive business results. PR Newswire, a network of over 1.1 billion influencers, in-depth monitoring, analytics, and its social media platform headline a premier suite of solutions. In addition, Cision has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Brandwatch. Cision has offices in 24 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. For more information about Cision’s award-winning solutions, including its next-gen Cision Communications Cloud®, visit and follow @Cision on Twitter.

About StoryStream

StoryStream is the leading User-generated Content (UGC) curation platform for authentic customer experiences. Brands including Porsche, L’Oreal, and VW Group use StoryStream to help increase audience engagement and sales. By using real content created by passionate customers, brands can champion advocates of their products and services, and directly influence the purchase decisions of new customers.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash