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Porsche launches the new 911 with StoryStream


Building on Porsche’s extensive brand asset pool, the newly launched 911 content community enables the story of the iconic sportscar to be told by those who know it best: its owners. 

This incredible custom storyboard houses engaging owner perspectives, model experiences, and emotional stories in a format that celebrates authenticity and originality. Each story recounts the memories of a different brand advocate, with 911 at the heart. The experience consists of user-generated text, imagery, and video content in a long-form and easy to consume layout.

The visitor experience is dictated by the user, based on the amount and types of media they choose to include in their contribution. Everything you see is published through StoryStream, with styling and formatting automatically adopted and fitted to the live page hosted on Porsche’s website. 

Once inspired after reading, owners can submit their own entries through the story detail page, or on the main storyboard view (all easily accessed via dedicated landing pages). The experience is available to users globally and in ten different languages.

To guide the creative narrative and get the best responses, 911 owners are provided with a rich draft template to follow that easily translates their personal account to an engaging, and consumable format. The entries are then seamlessly captured through StSt’s connected content management interface, where items are curated and reviewed directly in the platform. Once reviewed, contributions can be pushed live in a single click. 

The response from creators has been overwhelmingly positive, with up to 60 new detailed contributions each day. The proud and enthusiastic 911 community has quickly offered Porsche an innovative new channel through which to source authentic model content, and all while bringing their loyal customers to the centre of the brand’s message.