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“Volvo Saved My Life” | A customer community powered by StoryStream

Through the use of StoryStream’s “Creator Module” Volvo Cars USA has been able to effectively and efficiently engage their community and amplify powerful stories.


Volvo Car USA approached StoryStream wanting to create an efficient, effective and intuitive process where they could have an online space that their customers, fans, and visitors could share their Volvo Adventures as well as be inspired, informed and educated about Volvo through the stories others had shared. They were looking to create a dedicated place that they could showcase, through the content collected, how their brand values – Personal, Safe, and Sustainable – are not just something that exist on a website or in a manual. They are things that can be experienced through the journey of owning a Volvo. However, they wanted to pay particular attention to Safety and wanted to have the ability to focus on how Volvo’s have saved people’s lives.

Along with being able to gather and share people’s Volvo stories, they also wanted the ability to display certain details, such as the model, model year and propulsion, about the vehicle that was being referred to in a story and in addition provide people with a call to action to the relevant product pages.

StoryStream Solution

StoryStream presented Volvo Cars USA with our Creator Module solution, which was created to engage audiences, build advocacy and create a community. The Creator Module has enabled them to collect and collate stories and data as well as have a custom output for the contributed content. This output provides the ability to easily create the dedicated place desired and displays the details required about the vehicle, as well as presents the customer story in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Using SmartGoal CTA buttons along with the Creator Module Volvo Cars USA are able to direct engaged users to the relevant model pages.

To see the collection of stories click here

StoryStream’s Creator Module provides Volvo Cars USA with the efficient, effective and intuitive process they were looking for as they are able to:

  • Have a single outlet and a simple way for happy customers to share their favorite Volvo Car stories.
  • Manage the process of obtaining, approving and publishing content all using StoryStream
  • Display the stories in an engaging format and encourage other viewers to submit their own story


StoryStream’s Creator Module has not only helped Volvo Cars USA in achieving the above but also enables them to:

  • Increase engagement with potential buyers
  • Build a community of passionate advocates
  • Drive traffic to model pages
  • Obtain high-value assets for marketing purposes

Since it’s launch in December, the My Volvo Story creator module has had:

– 56 Stories Submitted
– an 84% Engagement Rate
– 2 stories read by an engaged viewer, on average


“With StoryStream, we were able to create a platform that captures the enthusiasm of our customers in a Volvo-designed space. We had been looking for the right way to give our passionate fans a chance to express their love of our brand and we’ve definitely found a winning formula with StoryStream. To be able to have real life testimonials to the features of our cars is invaluable, and really brings our other marketing to life. Seeing the way these stories resonate with our customers and employees has been incredible.” – Thomas Schultz, Product and Brand Communications, Volvo Car USA


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Photo by Michel Grolet on Unsplash