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Elevate Your Content Game with StoryStream’s Experience Store


  1. Streamlined Workflow: Dive into the Experience Store’s streamlined process, setting a new standard for deploying dynamic content effortlessly and efficiently.
  2. Rapid Content Configuration and Creation: Harness the power of StoryStream’s builder area to create and manage content experiences within hours, not days.
  3. Seamless, Efficient Deployment: Experience instant updates, real-time previews, and straightforward embedding, all designed to maximise efficiency and control.

We are thrilled to release StoryStream’s Experience Store, an update to our platform that significantly streamlines the creation, management, and deployment of social-first content experiences. Together with the new innovative builder area, which gives StoryStream customers the ability to build and preview their content experiences before publishing live, these features are game-changing for brands seeking efficiency and convenience when it comes to creating authentic content experiences to connect with their customers through highly engaging, shoppable experiences. 



In the dynamic world of digital marketing, time is of the essence. The Experience Store is designed to address this, offering a solution that accelerates the deployment of engaging content experiences. StoryStream customers can now access our brand-new Experience store through the platform and within just a few clicks can start creating different content experiences utilising their pre-existing content folders (streams). This enables brands to move from concept to live deployment within hours, something which previously could have taken days, plus this flexibility allows brands to quickly and easily make changes based on performance insights, ensuring they have the optimum content displayed to engage and convert their customers. 



The ability to swiftly adapt and create compelling content is a necessity in today’s fast-moving digital landscape. StoryStream has recognised this need for brands and developed our Experience store to provide the tools that marry intuition with efficiency. Its user-friendly interface demystifies content creation, making the process accessible and allowing ideas to transition from concept to live at the speed of social. This platform embodies true efficiency, allowing for flexible content management akin to a CMS, which enables a fluid and hassle-free workflow. Moreover, thanks to real-time preview capabilities nothing goes live without your approval! 


The new builder area, a new feature as part of the Experience Store, showcases StoryStream’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Within each of our experiences, brands can now use an intuitive builder area giving them the freedom to customise, manage and experiment with the design of experiences before they go live, significantly decreasing the time from creation to deployment and putting our customers in control. Whether you’re looking to inspire with interactive galleries, convert with shoppable stories, or connect with social ad connectors, our new builder area is your resource for creating compelling content that engages and converts, all at the speed of social!


StoryStream’s Experience Store now boasts a growing library of experiences, that engage and convert shoppers through authentic content. From captivating Customer Stories & Testimonials that enrich product pages with genuine customer insights to dynamic Full-Page and On-Page Galleries designed to seamlessly transform visitors into customers through shoppable UGC galleries. Our latest video formats, such as Live Stream Shopping and Stories, which mimic the interactivity of social media, are crafted to enhance product discoverability and seamlessly guide users from discovery to purchase. Additionally, our suite includes experiential use cases like Digital Signage and LiveScreens for real-time engagement beyond your online store. With our new Experience Store, customers can explore and create any of these experiences — simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager to activate.




Utilising the Experience Store and builder area empowers StoryStream customers to deploy content with confidence, swiftly bringing your ideas to life, backed by a platform that allows you to source and organise content at scale with our AI Aura, and guarantees every piece of content has gone through a full rights-management workflow and can legally be used. The intuitive interface facilitates the transformation of creative concepts into engaging digital experiences without the usual time constraints, allowing for a smooth and efficient content creation process. Detailed analytics further enable you to tailor your content strategy, aligning more closely with audience preferences and behaviours, so you can refine your approach for maximum impact. StoryStream’s Experience Store and builder area redefines the tools available to creators, offering brands the chance to make changes at the speed and adaptability of social.