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Revolutionising Fashion & Beauty: How AI is Redefining Content Marketing in 2024


  • AI Personalisation Elevates Experience: AI transforms shopping with hyper-personalised recommendations, ASOS and Shiseido use this technology in innovative ways that differentiate the experience.
  • Authenticity via UGC: Real customer stories, powered by AI, boost brand trust and engagement, proving Sweaty Betty’s strategic edge with increased sales and deeper connections.
  • Reducing Returns Through Product Realism: AI and real-life product showcases significantly lower return rates by aligning customer expectations with reality, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

In the fashion and beauty industries, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading a wave of change, allowing brands to create highly personalised experiences for their customers. Through AI analytics brands can understand what their customers like and dislike, allowing for tailored recommendations that match individual preferences. This approach makes each customer’s shopping experience more relevant and it boosts customer-brand engagement and loyalty. AI’s ability to deliver customised content and products sets new standards for customer service in today’s digital marketplace. However, it’s not enough to just be personalised with brand-created content, to truly connect with your customer on a deeper level, brands must also embrace User-generated Content (UGC), which they can do so at scale with AI platforms such as StoryStream. 

Building on the integration of AI into your strategy, UGC plays a crucial role in aiding brands to demonstrate their authenticity and earn customer trust. UGC, which includes customer reviews, photos and videos, reflects the real experiences of users. Its importance is clear, with 90% of customers seeking UGC before making a purchase decision, and 62% of customers finding UGC more trustworthy than brand content. UGC undeniably makes brands more relatable and trustworthy by showcasing what fashion and beauty products look like ‘in real life’. 

The innovative use of AI  for personalisation by leading brands like ASOS, Shiseido, and the combined use of AI and UGC by Sweaty Betty for curation, showcases how these tools can work together to transform content marketing. By leveraging AI for personalisation and amplifying the authentic voices of customers through UGC, these brands can form deeper connections with their customers.



ASOS has been at the forefront of digital technology innovation for a long time, so it’s no surprise it’s revolutionising the online fashion shopping experience through its sophisticated use of AI for personalised recommendations. The platform’s AI system analyses user data, including past purchases, browsing history, and preferences, to suggest fashion items that closely match individual tastes. This smart application of AI ensures that customers are presented with product suggestions that are highly relevant to them, significantly enhancing the shopping experience and fostering brand loyalty. ASOS’s approach demonstrates the power of AI in creating a more intuitive, personalised shopping journey, setting a new standard for customer engagement in the fashion industry.


Shiseido, a big brand in the beauty industry, harnesses AI to provide personalised beauty recommendations, offering a prime example of AI’s impact on content marketing. By analysing individual preferences, skin conditions, and comparing customer images to a vast database of over 30,000 images of real people, Shiseido’s AI technology crafts tailored skincare solutions for each customer. This bespoke approach empowers consumers with personalised beauty regimens that address their unique skincare needs, reinforcing Shiseido’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. Through this AI-driven strategy, Shiseido not only elevates the consumer experience but also strengthens its position as a leader in personalised beauty care.


Sweaty Betty’s strategic use of AI to curate and share authentic customer stories across multiple touchpoints (i.e. homepage, inspiration gallery, product description pages) has set a new standard in content marketing within the retail sector. By leveraging StoryStream’s patent-pending AI technology, Sweaty Betty efficiently categorises User-generated Content (UGC) based on various criteria. This approach ensures a seamless and engaging user experience and highlights the brand’s dedication to showcasing real, diverse customer experiences. The platform’s sophisticated rights management workflow is pivotal, guaranteeing that all UGC is legally compliant for use in marketing campaigns. Sweaty Betty’s commitment to authenticity and diversity in their UGC strategy significantly strengthens the brand’s integrity. The approach has led to a 25% increase in conversion rates and an 18% rise in average order value (AOV), underscoring the powerful role of genuine content in resonating with consumers and driving ROI. Sweaty Betty’s success story showcases the potential of AI to revolutionise how brands leverage UGC at scale,  allowing brands to forge deeper connections with their audiences.


In addition to enhancing personalisation and authenticity, AI and UGC are instrumental in advancing sustainability in the fashion and beauty sectors. By optimising product recommendations and engaging consumers with content that resonates with their values and preferences, these technologies encourage more mindful consumption patterns and reduce waste. This shift towards sustainability, powered by AI, aligns with the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly practices and products, showcasing the broader environmental benefits of AI in content marketing.



AI and UGC are fundamentally changing the game for content marketing in the fashion and beauty industries. Through the personalised recommendations offered by platforms like ASOS and the customised beauty solutions provided by Shiseido, AI is enabling brands to connect with their audiences in more meaningful and impactful ways. These advancements not only improve the customer experience but also promote sustainability, illustrating the multifaceted benefits of integrating AI into content marketing strategies. As the fashion and beauty industries continue to evolve, the innovative use of AI will undoubtedly remain central to delivering personalised, authentic, and sustainable consumer experiences.