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How Grow Gorgeous are championing their community through shoppable UGC

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“Elevate the everyday”. That’s Grow Gorgeous’ promise to its customers.

It’s a line we wish we’d have thought of ourselves (StoryStream being all about celebrating authentic content) and truly underlines the commitment Grow Gorgeous makes to their customers: ethically-developed, day-transforming hair care products for all.

For Grow Gorgeous – part of THG’s impressive stable of beauty brands – elevating and celebrating user-generated content (UGC) from their community of fans represents a key trust-builder in the online shopping experience. Plus, with the volume of user endorsements appearing across social media increasing, harnessing that UGC as part of an effective eCommerce strategy presented a challenge.

Celebrating the community

Grow Gorgeous has partnered with StoryStream to simplify the management, curation and surfacing of user-generated content; elevating and celebrating their community right across their digital properties.

Starting with an “As Seen on Instagram” storyboard – living on Grow Gorgeous’s homepage – the team have now scaled the number of UGC modules to other areas of their eCommerce site experience (check out the Volume Range, Scalp Care, and Intense Range pages to see more).

Grow Gorgeous Homepage Gallery

In addition, a fully hosted, fully shoppable LinkStream is available via the Grow Gorgeous Instagram link in bio.

For George Pavlou, Head of Social Media at THG, the value of StoryStream is two-fold. “We know that the best creators of authentic, engaging content about our products are the people who use them every day. We also know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to intelligent haircare, so through our partnership with StoryStream we really feel like we’re able to put a mirror back on our customers – to let our diverse community of fans take front and centre.”

“And by connecting our product catalogue to StoryStream, we’ve been able to bake that UGC into our eCommerce strategy too. After a busy festive period, we’re excited by the first run of results coming through the platform.”

Growing gorgeously 

Since launching in mid-November 2021, Grow Gorgeous’s LinkStream link in bio has set a new benchmark for their social commerce performance.

Comparing month-on-month with the previous incumbent solution, a uniform picture of success emerges:

  • 107% increase in revenue generated
  • 91% increase in the volume of transactions
  • 93% conversion rate uplift

George sees the greater creative control of that all-important landing page experience as hugely influential. “33% of the total revenue Grow Gorgeous has driven through LinkStream actually begins with a user clicking on a shoppable link. Being able to make our owned and earned content shoppable is brand new functionality and not something we could achieve previously – so to see that helping to drive that uptick in conversions is super encouraging.”

Grow Gorgeous Item View

A similarly bright picture emerges on the web front too, with StoryStream modules leading to improvements in key site metrics. 76.7% of users who are presented with a storyboard engage with it (either by clicking to enlarge content, switching categories, or hovering over the experience for more than five seconds). Those users are also more likely to convert, with Grow Gorgeous having seen a 4.7% conversion rate uplift where a user has engaged with StoryStream on the website.

“For us, the results really underline the fact that customer-generated content is customer-centric content. We can’t wait to see where else we can take that insight now.”

Check out the Grow Gorgeous homepage gallery here, and hit the Grow Gorgeous link in bio to see how LinkStream is helping connect social to commerce with a couple of clicks.

Grow Gorgeous is one of the many brands powered by THG Ingenuity – the enabler of global DTC growth for not only THG-owned businesses but many of the world’s leading brands across beauty, retail, FMCG and more. StoryStream has partnered with THG Ingenuity to bring content curation and visual commerce to new heights within their industry-leading solution, together empowering brands to thrive in the digital world.

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