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Five beauty brands powering up their visual commerce strategy with brand social and user-generated content

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It’s an equal-parts exciting and challenging time for eCommerce retailers across the world. As new tools and technologies designed to reduce friction – and, ultimately, chip away at that uncomfortable rise in the cost of customer acquisition – proliferate, the way we think about the experience of browsing and buying online is undergoing a huge shift.

And with searches for “visual commerce” hitting their highest point over the past couple of years in March 2022, it’s safe to say we’re seeing more and more brands start to invest in making their digital shopfront as compelling an experience as it can be.

Here we look at five beauty, skincare and cosmetics brands that – as part of StoryStream’s ongoing partnership with THG’s incredible stable of brands, and with the THG Ingenuity solution they are powered by – are leveraging social proof and UGC to engage, inspire, and convert customers.


Ameliorate is the UK’s first dermatological skincare brand proven to help treat rough, dry, bumpy skin. Ameliorate’s mission is to offer effective, dermatologist-approved solutions to help people feel liberated in their own skin – something they encourage customers to share across social using #FreeYourSkinConfidence.

Ameliorate Homepage Gallery

Curating a blend of brand social and user-generated content sourced from Instagram, Ameliorate brings its customers’ experiences to life through both a shoppable homepage gallery (check it out under the heading “As Seen on Instagram”) and within its link in bio landing page.

Eyeko London

Nestled under its distinctive lash-crown brand, Eyeko London’s range of cruelty-free botanical formulations and innovations offer “effortless beauty; empowering confidence”.

And by integrating customer-created content into their site homepage and social link in bio, Eyeko London is able to serve up a whole lot of compelling (and shoppable) social proof at critical moments of the customer decision journey.

Eyeko London Homepage Item

Mama Mio

With over 17 years of experience at the forefront of pregnancy skincare, Mama Mio was created “for mamas by mamas.” Mama Mio’s effective, unique and nourishing formulas protect and support skin throughout the pregnancy journey (and beyond) – with customers sharing their progress through #jointhemamahood.

Mama Mio Homepage Item

Now live with both a homepage gallery and social link in bio crammed full of insightful content, Mama Mio is putting the Mamahood front and centre of its visual commerce strategy. We love the honesty of the content they highlight through those experiences – and the way that Mama Mio are able to blend personal stories with product messages seamlessly.


Illamasqua’s “Illamafia” are out there redefining beauty one trend-defying (and trend-defining) look at a time. So when Illamasqua asked their crew to share their “makeup individuality” (tagging @illamasqua) – they delivered.

Illamasqua Homepage Item

Live now on Illamasqua’s homepage and via their LinkStream social link in bio – Illamasqua is helping its visitors turn inspiration into action with fully shoppable lookbooks.

Perricone MD

Perricone MD LinkStream

Created by Dr. Nicholas Perricone – author of New York Times bestseller The Wrinkle CurePerricone MD’s three-tier skincare and wellness system “picks up where nature left off.”

And now – through their innovative use of StoryStream’s LinkStream link in bio solution – they’re picking up where social media networks leave off: closing the gap between social and selling.

Perricone MD’s link in bio, accessible via their UK Instagram page, is a fully shoppable showcase of brand-created social content – the ultimate way to put the social back into “social selling”.

If you’re looking for more visual commerce-themed inspiration, check out our full list of customer stories (including this piece on how Garnier Nordics “reflect the beauty of diversity” with UGC). And if you’re looking to glow up your own strategy, get in touch with our team now to arrange a demo of the StoryStream platform.

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Photo by Peter Kalonji on Unsplash