International Women’s Day 2024: Championing Women in Tech

International Women’s Day serves as a vital reminder of the remarkable achievements of women globally and the ongoing pursuit of gender equality, particularly within the tech industry. For StoryStream, a B-Corp dedicated to business excellence alongside social and environmental responsibility, this day resonates deeply. It reflects our pledge to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion not just within our company but across the tech landscape. This occasion reminds us to celebrate women’s contributions, listen to their perspectives, and support their growth and opportunities fully.

Despite progress, the challenge remains significant: as of 2023, women constitute only 27% of tech roles, a slight decline over recent years. This statistic highlights the critical need for continued action to encourage female participation in technology. It serves as a wake-up call for StoryStream and the broader industry to escalate our efforts towards creating a more inclusive and equitable tech environment.

In the fast-paced world of technology, it’s the stories of relentless dedication, skill, and inspirational leadership that often go untold. Today, we’re spotlighting one such story from within our own ranks at StoryStream — the journey of Kay, whose career trajectory over the past four years with us exemplifies not just growth, but a commitment to innovation and inclusivity in the tech sector.



Kay embarked on her professional journey with StoryStream in May 2019, stepping into the role of Junior Back End Developer. With a foundation built from coding learned during her time as a technical support specialist, Kay quickly distinguished herself as a pivotal part of our team. Her promotion to Back End Developer in 2022 was a testament to her expertise and commitment, especially as StoryStream transitioned into more focused teams. Kay became the linchpin for our core platform functionality, undertaking the sole responsibility for backend development for six months. Her role during this period was critical; she was the go-to for codebase issues, she designed and implemented new features, and maintained existing ones, setting a standard for excellence at StoryStream.

Her technical prowess in Python, Django, and AWS, along with her leadership in API design, integration of our AI layer Aura, and spearheading serverless technology adoption highlight a track record of remarkable achievements. Kay’s ownership of significant feature sets like feeds, connectors, tags and nested categories has not only propelled StoryStream’s platform’s capabilities but also her career, positioning her for a promotion to Senior Back End Developer with a focus on line management.


Transitioning into a line manager role, Kay’s approach to leadership is deeply human-centric. She believes in nurturing her team at StoryStream, understanding their career aspirations, and supporting them in achieving their goals. Her management style is a mosaic of the best practices she’s observed in her career, tailored to be open, approachable, and conviction-driven. This balanced approach ensures that her team feels supported in their professional journey at StoryStream, creating an environment where innovation thrives.

Kay’s advocacy for “hack days” at StoryStream led to the development of our Live Video Shopping application, a testament to her commitment to innovation. Furthermore, her initiative in organising team days and outings has strengthened our team’s cohesion, proving that a supportive environment is key to collective success.


Kay’s influence extends beyond technical and managerial achievements. Her dedication to promoting gender diversity in the tech industry is profound. Having navigated the challenges of entering a male-dominated field, Kay understands the barriers that women face. Her efforts to make tech careers more accessible and appealing to women at StoryStream are commendable. By advocating for inclusive recruitment practices and supporting organisations like CodeBar, Kay is a true champion for women in tech.

We love Kay’s journey as it’s not just about the technical milestones or leadership accolades; it’s a narrative of breaking barriers, fostering diversity, and paving the way for the next generation of women in tech at StoryStream.

International Women’s Day celebrates the strides towards gender equality in tech, reflecting StoryStream’s deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Kay’s remarkable ascent from junior backend developer to line manager exemplifies our unwavering support for women’s achievements, their professional development, and the value of their insights. Her leadership in organising “hack days,” fostering team unity, and advocating for broad-minded recruitment practices embodies StoryStream’s ethos. Marking this day, Kay’s inspiring story not only highlights the progress achieved but also energises us to continue shaping a truly inclusive and fair workplace and industry for everyone.