Socially Native Breakfast Commerce Futures

The Socially Native Breakfast, hosted by Commerce Futures and sponsored by StoryStream, kicked off bright and early, packed with fresh ideas and smart strategies for the digital world. As we reflect on the event, it’s clear we’re just getting started on a journey full of exciting possibilities and new ways to boost brands into the future.

Missed the chance to chat or keen to revisit the key points from the event? No worries. We’ve summarised the main highlights for you. These insights are sure to give you a boost, spark new ideas, and help you navigate the constantly changing digital landscape.

πŸš€ TikTok: A Beacon for Growth
TikTok continues to be a powerhouse for channel growth, urging brands to leverage its dynamic for storytelling, community building, and engaging with real people through authentic content. Remember, it’s not just about entertainment; it’s about adding value through inspiration, education, or simply sparking joy.

🌟 Content is King, but Community is the Crown

Brands still have a focus on hero content to create significant moments, but hygiene content that drives interest to purchase is equally crucial but must always add value to a brand’s community. Natasha from The Hut Group stressed that you can only build a community by nurturing engagement through meaningful conversations with customers.

πŸ“š The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling remains at the heart of connection. Trends will come and go, but the genuine connection with your community stands the test of time. Dive into longer-form content and tutorials that allow your audience to engage deeply with your brand.

πŸ” Strategy for Social-First Success

Fiona from Wild Deodorant discussed how a successful social-first strategy requires belief, the right team, and the willingness to invest time, resources, and, the courage to take risks. Emphasised by Romy from The Body Shop who stressed brands need to understand the dynamics across platforms and always be ready to learn and adapt.

πŸ› Navigating Social Commerce

With social platforms acting as the new frontier for eCommerce, it’s crucial to focus on creating seamless purchase journeys. Leverage tools and strategies that enhance the shopping experience directly within social platforms.

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