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New Product Release: Stories


  1. Social-driven product discovery: By providing an immersive and ‘social-media-like’ shopping experience, Stories significantly improves customer engagement, whilst encouraging discovery and exploration through compelling content.
  2. Stories-style browsing: Stories redefines online shopping by merging the interactive nature of social media stories with the convenience of your website or eCommerce site. 
  3. Clear purchase pathways, built to convert: Streamlining the path from discovery to purchase with strategic call-to-actions, delivering paths to purchase in just 2-taps, effectively boosting conversion rates and decreasing bounce rates.


Introducing StoryStream Stories – the future of online shopping, Stories is the ultimate blend of eCommerce and social media! Our innovative new product bridges the gap between browsing and buying, infusing your online store with the interactivity of social media stories and the ease of online shopping. In today’s fast-paced digital world, where attention is the new currency, Stories offers a groundbreaking way to captivate and connect with your audience like never before. Whether you’re looking to boost your eCommerce site or elevate your online presence, StoryStream Stories is your key to unlocking unparalleled engagement.

Tailored to meet the modern consumer’s desire for quick, engaging, and meaningful interactions, our innovative feature enables you to showcase your products, share updates, and engage with your customers on a level that static images and text can’t match. With the flexibility of Stories, you can choose how many categories you want to showcase, and what content you want within each and choose the thumbnail for each category either from images in your StoryStream content hub or directly upload an image of your choice.

Dive into the future of digital engagement with StoryStream Stories – deliver paths to purchase in just 2-taps! Get ready to see bounce rates plummet, engagement metrics soar and AOV increase as your customers browse your website just as they would social media. 


Inspired by the dynamic and interactive nature of social media stories, we understand that customers browsing brands on social media and then transitioning to an eCommerce site can feel disjointed. With Stories, we aim to bridge that gap, offering your customers the ability to browse your eCommerce site as they would social media, a customer just has to click into the Stories they are most interested in and swipe through the content. Meanwhile, any of your products shown within the Stories will seamlessly appear for the customer to add the product to their basket instantly. Merging the world of social media they love, with the ability to effortlessly shop for the products they love. 


Strategically placing stories on your website can enhance the discoverability of your products and engage consumers effectively. Stories are particularly effective when placed on your homepage, category pages, and product listing pages, where users are actively searching for relevant and inspiring content about your products. By guiding users seamlessly through discovery to purchase with Stories, you can boost engagement, decrease bounce rates, and provide a seamless path to conversion.


Whether your customers prefer browsing your site on mobile, tablet or desktop, Stories is responsive to all devices. What’s more, Stories doesn’t just work on websites it also works in app! Plus with the flexibility of Stories, you can choose how many categories you want to showcase, and what content you want within each. Also personalise the thumbnail for each category either from images in your StoryStream content hub or directly upload an image of your choice.


Engagement through Stories transforms the customer experience by offering an immersive, ‘social-media-like’ interactivity where customers can engage with content and buy products seamlessly. Stories provides customers with easy-to-digest content encouraging them to discover more, significantly reducing your website’s bounce rate and increasing dwell time. With StoryStream’s analytics, you can also gain insights into which content, categories and products capture the most attention, enabling you to tailor your Stories to align closely with customer preferences.

When it comes to conversions, Stories is a game-changer. Stories is designed to seamlessly guide customers from engagement to action, by featuring call-to-actions (CTA) defined by you on each piece of content shown, for example, an eCommerce brand might feature an ‘add to basket’ CTA for the products showcased, or an automotive brand showcasing their latest car model, might add a ‘book a test drive’ CTA, Stories can be personalised to your brand. Stories can improve click-through rates, encouraging customers to delve deeper into your offerings and increasing opportunities for conversion.

Stories introduces a novel approach to boosting transactions. the immersive and informative nature of Stories provides customers with a clearer understanding and ‘real-life’ view of your products, enhancing customer satisfaction and product perception. This combination of effective, authentic product showcasing and the ability to shop directly from Stories via CTAs, elevates the average order value (AOV). 



Stories represents a giant leap forward in the evolution of online shopping. By ingeniously blending the immersive appeal of social media stories with the functionality of eCommerce platforms, StoryStream Stories provides an unparalleled tool for businesses to engage, connect, and convert like never before. Stories offers a seamless, interactive shopping experience that meets the demands of the modern consumer for engaging, fast, and meaningful online interactions.

By leveraging Stories powerful tool, businesses can anticipate a significant uplift in engagement metrics and sales, as well as build stronger connections with their consumers. Stories revolutionises the way customers interact with brands online, turning discovery into a potential path to purchase. Embrace the future of digital engagement with Stories and unlock the full potential of your online presence, setting a new standard for what is possible in eCommerce and beyond.