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Glow And Behold! Garnier DE Utilises LinkStream To Enhance Instagram Engagement And Drive Traffic To Garnier.DE


  • Customers who visit the website via their Instagram link in bio LinkStream social storefront evidence a 55% increase in session duration versus the site average; social shoppers are engaged shoppers.
  • Visitors arriving on via LinkStream show a 24% decrease in exit rate, indicating a higher likelihood of them staying on the site and exploring additional pages than the average visitor.

It’s increasingly the case that social media platforms (Instagram and TikTok especially) are crucial channels for beauty brands to connect with their target audience. A recent survey found that 45% of consumers find new beauty products via Social Media (Kingdom & Sparrow). For the German division of global cosmetics powerhouse, Garnier (Garnier DE), leveraging the incredible power of User-generated Content (a.k.a “Digital Word of Mouth”) has become a key strategic priority.

Getting social selling right is a tough business, though. Competition is fierce – it sometimes feels like there’s a new D2C brand born every minute! – and cracking the user journey is critical. How to best encourage that all-important onward journey, nurturing user attention toward purchase intent?

It’s here that Garnier DE has made great strides. Since implementing LinkStream – the shoppable link in bio feature from StoryStream – in May 2022, the Garnier DE team has combined User-generated Content and shoppable product links to create a fully shoppable social storefront via their Instagram link in bio, providing a seamless shopping experience from their Instagram to their website.


LinkStream has proven to be a valuable tool for Garnier DE; enhancing customer interaction via the integral Instagram link in bio while boosting user engagement. And by leveraging the categorisation functionality within the StoryStream platform, Garnier DE has been able to effectively organise the User-generated Content they’re curating into five distinct categories: hair care, hair colour, facial care, sun protection, and personal hygiene. This feature enables customers to conveniently access the content most relevant to them, adding a unique product discovery layer while facilitating the purchase decision-making process.

Furthermore, by adding shoppable product links to this content Garnier DE is able to effectively capture and nurture the attention of Instagram users – driving them to explore the brand’s products further on This approach not only increases site traffic but also ensures that social media remains a vital part of their overall shopping experience; User-generated Content and advocacy continue to be a growing part of Garnier DE’s strategy.


LinkStream has delivered impressive results for Garnier DE, with a significant increase in engaged visitors to their website. Analysis reveals that audiences arriving via LinkStream spend approximately 55% more time on the site when compared to the site average. This significant uplift in session duration demonstrates the effectiveness of LinkStream in capturing the attention of Instagram users and encouraging them to engage more deeply with Garnier DE’s website content. Social-sourced traffic is engaged traffic!


In addition to extended session duration, Garnier DE has experienced a remarkable 24% reduction in exit rates among visitors who visit their website through LinkStream. This means users who first engage with Garnier DE’s User-generated Content on LinkStream before clicking a CTA to site are more inclined to explore additional pages and products. By seamlessly connecting their Instagram traffic with the brand’s online store, Garnier DE has created a cohesive journey that keeps visitors engaged and encourages them to browse and discover more.

“StoryStream enabled us to, not only enrich Instagram and our owned website with up-to-date content, but to be on the forefront of social beauty trends in regard to our brands and to really be able to work consumer-centric.”

Elliot Sellschopp, Garnier DE, Team Lead Digital & eCommerce

By leveraging a combination of User-generated Content and shoppable product links, Garnier DE has transformed their Instagram profile into a fully shoppable social storefront, enabling a seamless transition for users interested in exploring the brand further. The statistics speak for themselves, with a 55% increase in session duration and a 24% reduction in exit rates for visitors arriving via LinkStream. By embracing social commerce while keeping the social aspect intact, Garnier DE has positioned itself as a leader in effectively utilising Instagram to drive traffic and engage customers, ultimately enhancing the overall brand experience.