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Building a “Great Place to Work”: A CEO’s Perspective

StoryStream recognised

We’re absolutely thrilled to have been recognised as a Great Place to Work by the GPTW U.K. team.

Great Place to Work – the specialists in employee engagement and workplace culture – assess and recognise organisations that prioritise creating a positive work environment. Our certification is both a massive seal of approval and a true testament to the incredible work that goes into creating a rewarding and fulfilling environment for our employees.

To honour that work, I want to spend a moment delving into the core principles that define StoryStream’s people-centric culture; and the emphasis we place on inclusivity and personal and career growth.

A Culture of Support and Development

StoryStream prides itself on creating an atmosphere where employees feel welcomed, valued, and supported. That begins with an acknowledgement that commercial success relies on the success of our people. By placing a strong emphasis on personal and career growth, we work to ensure that each team member has access to the kind of opportunities necessary to thrive. We’re dedicated to empowering our employees to take ownership of their roles … and make great things happen.

On that theme, it’s imperative that we recognise and champion the inherent value of diverse perspectives. Inclusivity is an integral part of our identity. We believe in embracing individuals from all backgrounds, experiences, and personalities, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. It’s our ambition that, by embracing diversity in all its definitions, StoryStream can promote a vibrant exchange of ideas (the sort of conversations that drive innovative solutions and creative approaches to problem-solving).

Our Core Values

To uphold our people-centric culture, we’ve collaboratively developed a set of core values that guide our interactions with employees and customers alike. These values reflect our commitment to placing people first, seizing opportunities, and going above and beyond expectations.

The “People First” value emphasises the well-being of employees and their loved ones – they’re the top priority. “Own It” encourages individuals to take initiative and make a positive impact. And “Above & Beyond” embodies our company’s dedication to exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results.


Power of People

I’ve said before that, at StoryStream, we are huge advocates for the power of people. The same spirit that guides our dedication to connecting brands with consumers through meaningful, innovative online experiences extends also into our internal culture; each employee’s voice matters. It’s by foregrounding concepts like inclusivity, support, and development that we’re able to create a space where team members can flourish both personally and professionally.

Success is not only about the bottom line; it’s about fostering a positive, inclusive, and empowering environment for the team and our customers.