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StoryStream Awarded Innovate UK SMART Grant Funding to Enhance User-Generated Video Capabilities

StoryStream awarded UK Innovate Smart Grant funding

[Brighton, England] — StoryStream, a leading innovator in visual commerce solutions for eCommerce brands, has been granted funding from Innovate UK SMART Grant to revolutionise its capabilities in leveraging User-generated video content. This funding will enable StoryStream to overcome existing barriers around video content and provide global brands with a game-changing solution to harness the power of User-generated video content for increased efficiency and conversion.

User-generated Content has emerged as the most influential factor in driving online purchases and fostering brand loyalty due to its authentic and trusted nature (IMRG). However, several challenges hinder the widespread utilisation of User-generated video content:

  • Identifying high-quality, brand-appropriate User-generated video content from the billions of daily social media video posts.
  • Acquiring copyright and GDPR-compliant usage rights for the User-generated video content.
  • Understanding the most effective User-generated video content to optimise marketing efforts.

Recognising these obstacles, StoryStream has embarked on a mission to develop an innovative and user-centric solution that empowers global brands to automatically identify and utilise User-generated video content across key marketing channels, thereby driving efficiency and conversion rates.

The Innovate UK SMART Grant funding will accelerate StoryStream’s mission to unlock the full potential of User-generated video content. With this support, StoryStream is committed to delivering a disruptive solution that revolutionises how brands harness User-generated video content, ultimately driving greater efficiency, conversions, and customer engagement.

“We are thrilled to receive the Innovate UK SMART Grant funding, which validates our vision around the next phase of eCommerce,” said Alex Vaidya, CEO at StoryStream. “This funding will enable us to push the boundaries of User-generated video content utilisation, providing global brands with the tools they need to leverage super-influential customer-generated content. The funding has allowed for the creation of two new roles, dedicated specifically to bringing our vision of user-generated video engagement to life.”

About StoryStream

StoryStream is the visual commerce platform for authentic online shopping experiences. Specialising in User-generated Content and Video Commerce solutions, the SaaS-based technology is used by leading brands including Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Porsche and Homebase to transform audience engagement and grow revenues while creating a more trusted customer experience.