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📹 Short Stories Episode 1 – Live Video Shopping

Enter the world of StoryStream in the first of our monthly ‘Short Stories’!

At StoryStream, we believe authentic content created by real customers holds tremendous power in shaping brand narratives and driving engagement. We are dedicated to providing brands with the tools and platform they need to source, curate, and seamlessly integrate User-generated Content (UGC) into their online shopping experiences, enabling them to grow engagement and boost sales.



We take a brief tour of the StoryStream platform and see how it enables brands to harness the power of User-generated Content. Our platform is designed to make the process of gathering and leveraging UGC simple and effective. In this platform demo we cover:

  1. UGC Collection: Brands can easily collect user-generated content from various social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, using integrated feeds.
  2. Curation and Rights Management: Discover how our curation tools empower brands to choose the most relevant content, while also implementing a rights management workflow to ensure every piece of content can legally be used.
  3. Seamless Integration: Learn how StoryStream’s platform offers seamless integration options, allowing brands to display UGC across various digital touchpoints, such as their homepage, inspiration galleries, category and product pages.
  4. Performance Analytics: StoryStream’s detailed analytics and insights, enable brands to directly track the impact their UGC has on engagement, conversion rates, and order value.


In this section, we introduce our latest product feature: Live Video Shopping (LVS). LVS takes the power of UGC to a whole new level by allowing brands to engage with their customers in real time through captivating, and shoppable, live video experiences. In this episode our Product Manager demonstrates how our Live Video Shopping works and the incredible benefits it brings to brands and customers.


We dive into two real-life examples of how StoryStream has helped brands harness User-generated Content and significantly enhance their customer’s online shopping experiences:

  1. Boden: With StoryStream’s platform, Boden has implemented, a shoppable homepage gallery, an inspiration gallery and UGC across product pages.
  2. Elemis: Elemis incorporates user-generated videos on their homepage galleries providing customers with an authentic view of their products and real-life use cases.


We answer the below questions live, to give viewers a deeper understanding of our platform:

  • Is there a limit to the number of products you can tag on LVS?
  • Who is best to present an LVS video?
  • What happens to an LVS video after the ‘live’ show?

That’s everything from Episode 1 of StoryStream’s Short Stories!