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Tommee Tippee Chooses StoryStream to Enhance Its Social Storytelling Through UGC

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Tommee Tippee – part of the Mayborn Group – is on a mission to become the world’s most-loved baby company. Offering new parents a range of innovative baby care products and helpful online resources, Tommee Tippee plays a vital role in the lives of millions of parents worldwide.

In celebrating its customers’ stories and experiences, Tommee Tippee has selected StoryStream to help advance its User-generated Content strategy across its web and social media channels globally.

Everyday is different … 

Tommee Tippee takes pride in listening to supporting new parents through the ever-shifting demands of raising a child, and storytelling is a key part of the brand’s promise. Using hashtag #TheTruthIs, Tommee Tippee knows that “everyone’s everyday is different. And that’s ok.”

Alice Millican​, Senior Global Community Manager at Tommee Tippee sees a wonderful alignment between Tommee Tippee’s brand and social media storytelling: “Ensuring that our customers – be they new parents, expecting parents, carers, families or anyone playing a supportive role – can enjoy and embrace the rollercoaster ride of bringing up baby is central to Tommee Tippee’s purpose.

“And as anyone who has been on that journey (or knows someone who has!) can appreciate: drawing on the experiences of other parents and carers is such a fantastic way to gain strength in challenging times. For that reason, having a solid strategy around the way we find and share UGC is a must for Tommee Tippee – and in StoryStream we’ve found a partner to help us do exactly that,” said Alice.

The StoryStream platform provides an end-to-end solution for Tommee Tippee: discovering, securing usage rights for, and then distributing brand-created and Customer-generated Content across a range of online experiences.

Rights Management & Social Repost 

The foundation of any solid UGC Strategy: a comprehensive (and GDPR-compliant) rights management process. Through StoryStream, Tommee Tippee is able to identify and then request the rights for relevant UGC in a couple of clicks – an important time saver for the team.

With those rights gained, the Tommee Tippee team then uses StoryStream’s Brandwatch social media management tool connector to send UGC directly to their Brandwatch content pool, ready for reposting to their owned channels.


The Tommee Tippee team is also making use of StoryStream’s LinkStream, transforming their link in bio real estate into a series of storytelling hubs in the process. Offering a blend of key site links (including signposts to important campaigns including Yana’s Same-Sex Parenting Story), brand-created and User-generated Content, the link in bios of Tommee Tippee’s U.K., North American, and Australian channels extend the brand’s ability to offer engaging experiences and key resources for new and expecting parents.

Tommee Tippee UGC example

In the short window since going live, the three link in bio storefronts have already proven to be hard-working additions to Tommee Tippee’s social commerce strategy:

  • In the U.K., the session duration of visitors sourced from LinkStream sits at 67% above the site average, with LinkStream-influenced purchases contributing a 3.4X average order value compared to the site average.
  • In Australia (where users sourced from LinkStream spend an average of 114% longer on site than average) the conversion rate sits at 3.77% – more than double the site average.
  • In North America, viewers attracted to the site via LinkStream go on to view an average of 3.48 pages, 68% higher than the site average.

Scaling the partnership 

Celebrating customer-generated content, and enhancing Tommee Tippee’s ability to infuse social storytelling into its social media content calendar, is only the beginning for Tommee Tippee and StoryStream.

With galleries now live across the Tommee Tippee U.K. homepage (and Australia to follow soon) and the product catalogue integrated into StoryStream, all efforts are now channelled into realising the commercial opportunity presented by StoryStream’s shoppable technology.

Tommee Tippee Homepage Gallery

“We can’t wait to see how, by fully connecting that social storytelling element to Tommee Tippee’s overarching eCommerce proposition, we’re able to help the team generate more sales through authentic social proof content,“ said Gary Squires, Business Development Director at StoryStream. “Visual commerce is such an important aspect of any eCommerce businesses strategy today – and we’re proud to be Tommee Tippee’s partner in helping them unlock that potential.”