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NYX Cosmetics grow Instagram engagement by 33% with localised UGC

NYX Cosmetics focuses on being an accessible, professional and cruelty-free makeup brand. Their claim is “proud artistry for all” and they have a huge range of colourful products for anyone to create makeup magic with. No matter who you are or how skilled you are NYX Cosmetics is the brand for you.


NYX Cosmetics DE has a large, engaged and creative audience, and wanted to share high volumes of inspiring content onto their social channels, to celebrate German makeup artists and customers. By using localised content they can keep up with local trends and makeup looks, and tailor their content to align with what is highly engaged with on their channels. The challenge in all of this is the process of finding this content. It can be very time-consuming to find localised and relevant content from a pool of global hashtags, and alongside this, ensure that as a brand they could share this content without risk, with legal rights to the imagery.



StoryStream Solution

NYX Cosmetics DE chose StoryStream to collect real customer content at scale, whilst using StoryStream’s AURA AI technology to immediately find the high-quality content and filter by German language. NYX Cosmetics products can easily be seen by AI recognising the NYX logo within images making it a possibility to find product images as well as make-up looks.

Rights are all managed at scale using StoryStream’s rights management tools to gain legal and secure rights automatically. StoryStream’s social media connector allows NYX Cosmetics to instantly make this content available in their social media management tool. UGC is now being published on their Instagram feed several times per week.



Key Results 

Using StoryStream NYX have seen some incredible results

  • Scaling Content 92% of content creators giving permission for NYX Cosmetics DE to use their content, collecting more than 7 new rights approved assets per week.
  • Compliant UGC Rights Management Meeting L’Oreal Group requirements StoryStream is providing a fully audited UGC process to ensure compliance.
  • Increased Instagram Engagement Localised content from StoryStream performs 33% above NYX Cosmetics’ social media benchmark for likes per post and 90% above benchmark for comments.
  • High level of ROI 25-1 return of investment measuring the value of content sourced through StoryStream.

What NYX Cosmetics Say

“StoryStream enables us to easily gain rights to German User Generated Content at scale, allowing us to maintain our publishing schedule on our Instagram channel. The platform is easy to use, and we are gathering a lot of high-value content easily, reducing effort and costs of creating additional brand content”.

Victoria Schulz | Social Media Manager


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Photo Credit by DIEGO SANCHEZ on Unsplash