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Sweaty Betty x StoryStream: growing engagement with diverse content

Active lifestyle brand Sweaty Betty has chosen StoryStream’s innovative content curation platform to broaden customer engagement and representation on their global websites and to benefit from its seamless e-commerce capabilities.

Real Content by Real People

Launched as the brand’s ‘Seen –  Celebrated’ campaign went live – celebrating diversity with company colleagues rather than models – Sweaty Betty will continue to harness the potential of User Generated Content (UGC) driven and curated by StoryStream.

Content generated by the real people who love and use their products every day will complement Sweaty Betty’s distinctive brand marketing. Building a two-way conversation with customers, celebrating their content and bringing them into the brand experience will drive a stronger, more lasting connection, while shoppable content ensures that this also translates into sales.

It’s really important to show how our customers around the world use our products. So, if we can place a genuine user-generated image or post directly next to the actual product on our website, that is a powerful endorsement. We anticipate that StoryStream’s ability to locate and curate UGC at scale will become a critical element of our e-commerce strategy – and it’ll also play a part in how we build a shared brand story that involves the Sweaty Betty community.”

Annabel Thorburn, SVP of e-commerce at Sweaty Betty,

Finding high-quality UGC at scale

StoryStream is also enabling the brand to curate high-quality customer content at scale across websites in different geographic territories. Localised by language and for seasonal relevancy, UGC content will feature throughout the purchase journey – from the home page to specific product pages.

StoryStream’s Aura AI is linked to its international product catalogues, and continually learns from activity to ensure the correct product information is displayed and dynamically updated enabling seamless digital purchase experiences.

The Sweaty Betty digital team can now action everything from one place, as they scale, making it efficient to request UGC rights, and to stream it quickly and intelligently into the website carousels with tags and links automatically generated.

We’re delighted to work with the team at Sweaty Betty. The brand has always been about empowering their active female community as well as amazing work-out clothes.  This has been reflected in their strong social presence championed by #iamasweatybetty. By adding Storystream into their digital mix, we can help to create a virtuous and continuous circle of sharing and celebrating real “Betty’s” content that drives both sales and customer love for the brand in a more diverse and representative way.”

Cameron Franks COO of StoryStream 

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